Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: This Magnificent Chef & Entrepreneur In The Culinary Industry Lays Out Some Essential Characteristics Of A Chef

Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: This Magnificent Chef & Entrepreneur In The Culinary Industry Lays Out Some Essential Characteristics Of A Chef

There are certain attributes that Chef Faisal wants others to learn to grow in the industry.

There are a few people in this world who are born to do certain things in life & become excellent with their natural talents. Chef Faisal is a great example of this as this man shifted from his full-fledged career as a banker to get into the world of food entrepreneurship & become a spectacular chef for the world to know. He realized his natural talents & his passion for food & made the big shift into the industry with the aim to grow not only his business but also to flourish other chefs & their establishments in the industry.

It is always a tough decision when you know you have a well-paid job with promotions on the way & still, you wish to follow your dreams & your heart. Chef Faisal overcame these tough choices in life with listening to his heart & slowly & steadily gained experience in the food industry first by enrolling himself in the best cooking schools from Italy & England to get professional training & then working tirelessly as a chef & an entrepreneur in the industry.

Today he is a member of the World Master Chefs Society plus he also owns his firm called Chef Faisal Consultancy for training chefs under him & to make them confident to face the world with their knowledge & uniqueness. His firm also advises multiple restaurants in Bahrain & KSA.

Chef Faisal lists out certain characteristics of a chef that he thinks are a must for becoming successful.

  • Ability to accept criticism: Chef Faisal believes that even experienced chefs sometimes may receive criticism, but it is essential to accept it with a smile, learn from that mistake & adjust your style next time to not give customers a reason to complain.

  • Ability to work under pressure: There are a lot of things that a chef will have to look after in the kitchen & also will need to keep up with his/her speed to serve their customers with their favourite dishes, says Chef Faisal. Hence, one must know how to handle work under stressful environments.
  • Ability to be well-organized: To become a great chef one needs to have great organizational skills, points out Chef Faisal. Chefs generally lead an entire kitchen, so there are many things that they need to manage like the kitchen staff, food budget, schedule shifts, etc. Hence, one must be well-organized in taking care of all these things.

  • Ability to be creative: What is that ‘different’ that you create for your customers? This is a question every chef must ask themselves, suggests Chef Faisal. Just knowing the basics of cooking won’t help here, one must have a creative mind to make delectable dishes that make them stand out from the rest.

With his growing number of followers on his social media, Chef Faisal also is determined to provide an increasing number of consultancies to chefs around the world, to change their lives & make them a brand of their own with also helping them in expanding their establishments.

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