Dalip Celbeqiri shares his DIY Simple growth hacks

Dalip Celbeqiri shares his DIY Simple growth hacks

Dalip believes you should figure out the key elements you want to highlight before you start doing  anything.

It involves wording your pitch the right way and using appropriate social approach, whether you’re dealing with clients, or pitching to a media outlet. It is possible to assume that this hack might not work for some entities out there. However, creative twisting of existing strategies will eventually bring in the expected outcomes. We can conclude that for Dalip, forming a brand image is the first step of the success ladder. A credible brand will naturally enhance the chances of closing better deals. One way of building a strong brand is through multiple PR.

According to Dalip , a decisive factor in the success of a digital strategy is positioning. He says: “You should determine the market position you aim to reach. Next, you must play the right cards to reach there. Throughout the planning, the focus of your brand must be on value provision.”

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