Debuting in Hollywood’s “Gain” Superstar Beshoy Mehany Turns His Dreams to Reality

Debuting in Hollywood’s “Gain” Superstar Beshoy Mehany Turns His Dreams to Reality

In Hollywood’s upcoming 40 million dollar movie ‘Gain’, which is set to be released in 2022, Beshoy Mehany has secured his acting debut. Showcasing his brilliance along with unique content creation has been a talent of his since a while now, his youtube channel has amassed several subscribers, one of his videos has also gathered over 25 million views across various platforms. 


Current trends dictate that social media platforms are the gateways that can lead one to becoming a hollywood actor or an actress. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes have come a long way since their days of singing covers. Several famous celebrities have launched their careers in the same way- i.e. through social media. Ranging in a slightly different field is Beshoy Mehany, who launched his acting career from the thriller heist film ‘Gain’, which is set to release in 2022. Beshoy also wrote a book that was Published on Amazon Kindle called “A Day to Remember”.


While Gain is not his first on screen role, he does believe it to be his debut in hollywood. Previously he played as a party boy on TruTV’s reality TV show ‘Bear Swamp Recovery’. However, his role in “Gain” is more significant, and he sees it as his “real” debut into acting.


Commenting on the same, he has stated, “Acting has always been my dream since I was a little boy. I grew up watching famous actors on TV, and I would picture myself as an actor transforming the world doing what he loves. My father died when I was only nine years old, but his early death shaped me into a responsible young man because I had to step up and help my family in any way I could. The role in Gain is my big break, and I cannot wait to share my gift with the world.” 


Beshoy hails from Jersey city, New Jersey, USA. He was born in 1992 in Cairo, Egypt on January 7th. He has graduated in Mechanical Engineering from “New Jersey Institute of Technology”. He turned to social media to create his connections to hollywood. His talent far surpasses his youtube videos, he had taken acting classes right from the age of 7, and has auditioned for quite a few roles too.  


On his website, he advises the upcoming social media stars on how to build their brand and how they too, can achieve greater things in life. One of his most alluring qualities has to be his consistency and undoubtable hard work. 

His Youtube channel holds several videos of him doing pranks on people, one of the most famous videos, “firing a walmart employee” got over a million views. He has always coveted being an aspiring entrepreneur and an actor (as he stated).