DJ Amanda Haze: Unique House Mixes & Creative Genius

DJ Amanda Haze: Unique House Mixes & Creative Genius

In an oversaturated indie music industry, it can often be difficult to stand out from the rest of the pack. However, up-and-coming DJ and producer Amanda Haze has been able to elevate herself with her unique take on electronic music genres.

Getting her first hands-on experience with music using a euro rack while studying abroad, Haze quickly fell in love with electronic music – a passion that has only grown. Developing her skillset and blending different subgenres of electronic music into one original sound, Haze perfected her craft and began releasing her music for the world to hear.

With elements of techno, euro, and house being blended into elegantly engineered song mixes, Haze started her career strong with her series “RIZE N VIBE RADIO” on SoundCloud, which quickly amassed Haze a following on the platform. Her self-described “house music – but on Mars” became a favorite among both her online fans and her real-life fans as she took the stage and performed her sets across venues.

Coming into 2021, Haze has a brand new project ready to release soon, entitled Hazey. Be on the lookout for her latest project coming to platforms soon.

You can find Amanda Haze on Instagram here and listen to her music here.