Kaira Ra Shares the Secret to Becoming a Massively Successful Author

Kaira Ra Shares the Secret to Becoming a Massively Successful Author

It is said that everyone has a book in them, but for most individuals, the book never makes the leap from the phase of anidea to reality. Even most of those who eventually summon the superhuman discipline to sit down and write a bookprobably lack the necessary motivation and skills to market and promote it.

Author Kaia Ra knows all too well the blood, sweat, and tears that go into writing a book. Her bestseller, ‘The Sophia Code’ took her seven years to write, and then came the uphill task of telling the world about it. Yet all the hard work was well worth it. ‘The Sophia Code’ has been a runaway success, and its author has kindly agreed to share five tips for aspiring authors looking to scale their careers.

Find Your Voice

Every writer has a unique voice, it is just a question of finding it and having the courage to allow it to be heard. We are all different and have different messages and stories to convey.If you stay true to your own, the reader will pick up on your authenticity and bravery, and come to treasure it like a precious gem.

Feel What You Write

If your words do not move you, they won’t move others. Writing is all about establishing an emotional connection between the author and the reader. Your words should flow with feeling, much like a river whose job is to carry the reader off to a faraway and exotic place.

Every Writer Is A Re-Writer

No matter how talented you are, every first draft demands a rewrite. So be prepared to draft over and over again in pursuit of excellence. Never sit back and be satisfied. An author’s job is to attain perfection, so be prepared to very work.

Don’t Write For The Publishers

Many authors make the mistake of writing books they feel the publishers will like. This is a big mistake. We all want to be published, but publishers value good writing above everything, and the only way to write well is to write the best piece you possibly can, regardless of current trends.

Believe Completely In Yourself

So you’ve finished the masterpiece that the whole world has been waiting for. The only problem is that the world just doesn’t know about it yet! As an author, it is your job to get out there and shout about your book from the mountaintops. You’d be surprised how many talented authors live and die in complete anonymity because they didn’t have the self-belief needed to sell their book to the world. Please, don’t let that happen to you. Writing demands an audience, so go out there and find yours.