Ekaterina Tregubova: Motivational Fitness Icon In Dubai, From Russia

Ekaterina Tregubova: Motivational Fitness Icon In Dubai, From Russia

Never underestimate the power of transforming your life by simply  honouring your true calling. When you honour it, everything just falls into place. Art, writing, photography,  music, web design, marketing, the list is infinite, whatever your calling  is get out there and start showing up into the world with your gifts.  You were born with them for a reason! That is your higher purpose, your  soul path. That’s the key to your happiness, to inner peace, to finding financial freedom. It’s all hidden in your calling. This is what motivates and leads Ekaterina Tregubova to become such a renowned fitness icon.

Ekaterina Tregubova is a very well known yoga enthusiast as well as 

As Rick Warren put it, “Failure isn’t a character quality. It’s just an event. How you respond to failure is your character.”. she has The perfect response to every difficult situation because difficult situations bring out the best of a person provided that they have willingness to go through it. Tregubova has never considered the obstacles or difficulties in her path as a hard time but instead grew stronger with each day as they were thrown at her. To become somebody in international grounds is not something that each and every person in a country is able to do, and she is 1 talented fitness model to have done so. considering the fact that there are a lot of other models all around the world who were competing for miss Russia international, she grew outstandingly amazing among all of them because not only was she a beauty but also she possessed some unique talents which not every person there had. Here we see the importance of beauty with brains. It is important to notice that pretty face and sharp mouth is not going to a earn you respect and fame, a person needs more than all that to prosper.

Normal people have a pretty balanced life and always go about doing the things that they usually have planned. But Ekaterina Tregubova is different, as mentioned earlier. She has refined tastes and enjoys other things rather than just Doing one single thing at a time. She enjoys reading books, going for tracking, water sports, water surfing, And many other things which are actually belonging to a completely different genre. Truly a talented person.

She did not have it easy though. Nobody came up to her and handed her down all the things that she has today in her life. Nobody even came up to her and handed her the miss Russia international trophy. She has had to work very hard throughout, managing her priorities and putting herself on top of the list. Striving everyday and reaching new goals, setting new paths, making history. Even learning to develop an interest in other things was not that easy because she had to indulge in a lot of things to learn water sports and to read specific kind of books that are valuable to her which will help her in life and in the future. We see how completely self made she’s an unbiased with life and her choices or decisions.