Keshav Mehta: A Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar Whose Story Will Inspire You

People work nine to five jobs each day and have no motivation to actually do the work on a daily basis. Lucky are those who have actually made a whole career out of their passions. Keshav Mehta is a young Entrepreneur from Darbhanga, Bihar, who was born on 9th February. At the moment he is only a young teenager who has developed towards digital marketing and online business platforms. He did not begin with his work until 2019 and in a very short period of time he educated himself that he had to about the various tools of digital marketing. He landed up to pretty good offers from big companies like Amul and T Series. 

Have you ever asked yourself a question, what inspires you? What do you look up to when you think about your future? Where do you see yourself five years from now? Keshav Mehta has always tried to answer these questions. Planning the future path for at least five years and achieving the goals that you have set for yourself as time goes by helps a person to become successful and reach the places that they have always wanted to. To ensure complete guarantee that he will become a good Digital Marketer, Mr Mehta worked very hard everyday learning all about digital marketing. His inspiring Storey actually makes people look up to him and want to work hard so that they can be like him. Success is most definitely about the path and journey rather than the final destination or the job. Because, the journey makes us learn about a lot of things that we had previously not known. Experience and practical real life application of the knowledge on Digital Marketing are two really important aspects in this field of career. 

There are a lot of young people who need proper role models in their life and it looks like Asia is going to be one of them. This is because he is not only a digital marketer but also an underpinning word who has written a book and become one of the top sellers on Amazon. Thus we can see how multi talented he is and the wide range of work that he is capable of doing. He is very young and already learned a lot of skills which are more than enough for him to build a multi million dollar company in the upcoming years of future. His future planning is done with the finest of measures according to the development of the dynamic digital marketing world. After all, he is a future oriented person. Something that has no future value, has no use to him. It is all about the priorities in his life, the main one seems to be his work and his education.