Entrepreneur Tom Moyal Shares 5 Insights to Help Build a Successful Digital Agency

Entrepreneur Tom Moyal Shares 5 Insights to Help Build a Successful Digital Agency

Today, if someone has a successful idea for a business, there is no need to buy a warehouse or rent an expensive apparatus. It is possible to build a 6-figure business online, but it can be confusing when starting from scratch. As the co-founder of three successful online companies, Tom Moyal has years of experience under his belt. He shares five expert insights to guarantee success when it comes to building a digital agency.

1. Find your anchor
This is the first and foremost thing he suggests when starting out in the business world. “Your anchor encourages and inspires you. For me, it’s a combination of my acquired knowledge over the years, a desire always to keep improving and looking up to my mentors,” he says. Moyal graduated with a Diploma in Web/Graphics Designing in 2017.

2. Find a way to combine your unique skillset
As a creative person with a desire to learn digital marketing and venture out as an entrepreneur, Moyal found a way to put together his creative side with a passion for building his own company online. Utilizing this unique skillset allows the entrepreneur to provide a unique and highly sought-after service when creating a digital agency.

3. Work with those who share the same vision
“The journey to success cannot be made alone. We all must find people who are passionate about a common goal,” says Moyal. He is a co-founder of Fame Filters with MarQuis Trill, a social media influencer and entrepreneur himself. Their personalized filters have generated over 80 million impressions on Instagram.

4. Have a meaningful social media presence
In the 21st century, businesses must be present on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram to reflect the brand’s vision engagingly. He says, “Your social media profiles are where you interact with your customers and generate leads.” He also conveys the importance of building long-lasting relationships of trust with followers online.

5. Maintain transparency
Moyal explains, “Honest feedback is invaluable. Your teammates and clients can spot the loopholes you have missed, and you can use those constructively.” He conclusively agrees that the key to success is constructive criticism from trustworthy sources and constant growth, individually and collectively.