In Conversation with Leading Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz

In Conversation with Leading Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz

Over the years, we have seen so many young talents who have exhibited their passion and have sculpted their own career as a high-performing professional and later even as an entrepreneur. They are choosing different paths and working rigorously to make the career of their choice. One could not even imagine the rise of the sneaker business across the e-commerce world a few years ago by young talented minds. Mohammad Edris Hashimi, A.K.A. Idrees kickz, a Canadian youngster made all this possible for his career and emerged as a gen-next e-commerce sneaker entrepreneur at only 19 years of age.

For some people, dreaming about a career and accepting the opportunities as they come their way is all that matters to them. But, for some others, creating the right opportunities at the right time and building up a career and wealth as they desire is what their life revolves around. Idrees kickz belongs to the latter category who for his love for sneakers, turned his passion into a profession and without wasting any more time grew to become an entrepreneur at such a young age.

Idrees kickz comes from Toronto, Ontario and was born in 2001. Getting into any other 9-to-5 job structure like other individuals was never on his mind. As a kid, he felt passionate about all kinds of sneakers and shoes and always dreamt of creating a career around the same. As a young teenager at only 13 years, Idrees kickz understood the significance of the growth of the e-commerce world and hence began working towards the same. Buying and selling some stuff online was what the youngster started working with and gradually turned completely towards the sneaker business of buying and reselling the same.

In the year 2015, he decided to turn his hobby into something that can help him achieve the wealth he desires. For this, he first bought rare collections of renowned sneaker and shoe brands and resold them for some profits. This early step into the business helped Idrees kickz initiate his own brand in the form of Woiair.

The youngster who recently got graduated from high school is now planning to expand his knowledge in the business world and study business program from the university. The biggest achievement for Idrees kickz is the fact that today he is doing a business of his choice and is making every effort possible for what he loves to do each passing day.

To keep knowing more about him, follow Idrees kickz on his social media handles, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/YouTube @idreeskickz.