Successful entrepreneurs to watch this 2022

Successful entrepreneurs to watch this 2022

In this special article, we have a list of 20 of the most successful business executives you must follow this 2022. Including executives and entrepreneurs from different industries which without a doubt this year will achieve massive success.

Grant Cardone Known in the business world as ‘The Entrepreneur for the 21st Century’. Grant Cardone comes from a modest background, and he is now the founder and owner of three multi-million-dollar companies. Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital, and author of The 10X Rule. This successful entrepreneur owns and operates seven privately held companies and a $2B.B portfolio of multifamily properties. Cardone is also the mastermind behind 21 best-selling business programs. Moreover, he established The 10X Movement and The 10X Growth Conference, which is the world’s largest business and entrepreneur conference. Cardone has said that “the great ones are never satisfied.”

Grant Cardone is a world-renowned speaker on sales, leadership, Real Estate investing, and finance. He has developed multiple sales programs that have affected hundreds of thousands of sales people, thousands of sales organizations, and billions of dollars in retail sales.

Cardone is one of three few entrepreneurs that managed to achieve celebrity-level fame while establishing his business and building credibility to his name as well as his brand. Currently, Cardone Capital, one of the main companies of Cardone related to Real Estate investments manages a Real Estate portfolio of 1.8 billion.

Instagram: @grantcardone

Cody Jefferson is the founder and CEO of Embrace The Lion, which harnesses Cody’s experience, personality, and skill sets to help members step into the most purposeful and powerful version of themselves. Cody’s raw, hard-hitting-while-empathetic approach to all things life, spirituality and business is what makes him one of the most sought-after coaches and speakers in the personal development space.

Recognized by Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today and The Today Show, Cody has become a dominant figure in the world of business and entrepreneurship, teaching his clients and followers how to own their story, push forward with clarity and conviction, all “without sacrificing their souls on the altar of their success.”

His now infamous tagline, “what needs to die in me to become the man I said I’d be?” has become the mantra of thousands of men under Cody’s leadership in LION:Elite, the #1 Group Coaching Program for those looking to adopt the right support, belief, habits and community to create success in their lives and businesses. 

Instagram: @cody_jefferson

Johnny-Farhan Beig Born in Kashmir, Northern India. Johnny-Farhan Beig grew up in Australia where he started an indoor sports facility in 2006, along with his brother. He is now the CEO/Co-Founder of Dioz Group/Alanic Activewear. Johnny and his brother began working with apparel by doing uniforms for soccer and cricket teams. “I used to play soccer and cricket. I did the uniforms for my own team and that is how it all started.” In a short time period, hundreds of sporting teams were contacting Johnny, asking for their members to use their training facilities and sporting apparel.

Johnny expressed that originally, they did not know that they were going to be such a success. It all started with a small office and subsequently, Johnny and his brother started hiring salespeople to go out and meet the clubs and sports teams: rugby, football, swimming, etc. Currently, Dioz Group/Alanic Activewear works with FIFA, Super Bowl, UFC, all big customers, and now they have over 100 employees.

While this successful business was Johnny’s first project, later, he ventured into more sectors of this industry that also required apparel and merchandise. “We founded another company called Oasis, to focus on other industries, such as corporate companies.” This strategy allowed Johnny and his brother access to working with stadiums. This CEO oversees all his companies’ divisions and the new products that will be introduced in the market. “What makes us so unique is that we help people develop their brand and give them an identity.”

Intagram: @johnny_farhan

Robert Herjavec is one of North America’s most recognizable business leaders. Born in Eastern Europe, he arrived in North America on a boat with his parents after escaping Communism in the former Yugoslavia. From delivering newspapers, and waiting tables, to launching a computer company from his basement, his drive to achieve has led him to the fulfillment of a better life for himself and his family.

A dynamic entrepreneur, Robert has built and sold several IT companies. In 2003 Robert founded Herjavec Group, and it quickly became one of North America’s fastest-growing technology companies. Today, Herjavec Group is recognized as a global cybersecurity operations leader specializing in managed security services, compliance, identity services and incident response for enterprise-level organizations.

Robert’s motivational business advice has received millions of impressions through TV, print, radio and digital media. He shares his expertise with other entrepreneurs each week as a leading Shark on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning hit show, Shark Tank.

Robert has been a member of Shark Tank since the very first episode and has helped many entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams through the show. Robert has been one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs for nearly 2 decades and we are sure he still has much more to offer.

Instagram: @robertherjavec

Greg S. Reid A world-renowned motivational keynote speaker, bestselling author, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. This master storyteller has published and co-authored more than 100 books, 28 of which are best sellers. However, this award-winning author’s true passion is to inspire people to find their passion and step into their own greatness, and he has been doing so for over 25 years.

Dr. Reid is best known for his best-sellers books and acclaimed films: Pass It On, Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities! and Stickability: The Power of Perseverance.  “As an entrepreneur, I highly value expressing to others how they can turn seemingly complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts for success. There is a firm belief in the importance of win-win partnerships and aiding others to succeed. It brings me great pride to be as much as a service to others.” Moreover, Dr. Reid is the Founder and CEO of the Secret Knock, which is a highly exclusive event, – strictly invite-only-, whose sole purpose is to share knowledge by creating a collaborative community that focuses on networking.

Dr. Reid succeeds in every endeavor he ventures: “All I want in life, is to give my life my all.” His motivational talks and conferences have been recognized by presidents, government leaders, celebrities, and business experts. He leads by example and shines a bright light on the path towards stepping into your full potential and achieving great success in any endeavor: his personal life motto being, “you never fail unless you quit.”

Instagram: @gregsreid

Cameron Herold is an entrepreneur who enjoys taking risks. Cameron is known around the world as the “CEO Whisperer”. He has helped hundreds of companies achieve exponential growth and is one of those rare individuals who knows how to present his extensive knowledge and experience in a clear and effective way.

Cameron started the COO alliance in May 2016. It started as a small group of 10 COOs and during the span of 5 years it has grown so much, today, there are 170 members from 17 countries. Cameron is also the founder of The Invest In Your Leaders course, which is a 12-module leadership training course with videos and course notes to keep leaders focused on growing their skills for success. The reason he decided to create this course is because he has always taught this to CEOs and their teams, so he decided to share his expertise with the rest of the world.

Herold is a firm believer that not everyone can be an entrepreneur. He believes that being an entrepreneur and being a good leader are very different things because being an entrepreneur requires a tireless search for new challenges and constant risk-taking. Cameron’s goal is to get COO Alliance to thousands of members from all around the world. Considering how fast it has grown in the past few years, this is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Instagram: @cameron_herold_cooalliance

Sara Blakely Born in Clearwater, Florida, United States and starting as a salesperson and a law student, Sarah Blakely has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine’s “Time 100”. And has also been listed as the 93rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. Blakely is the founder and owner of the shapewear brand Spanx, which sells undergarments, leggings, swimwear, and maternity wear worldwide.

Blakely founded his apparel company in Atlanta, Georgia. However, she initially intended to become an attorney, which changed after scoring very low on the Law School Admission Test.  She then ventured into the sales industry and proved to be very successful in this industry. For a short period of time, Blakely worked at Disney World.

This outstanding entrepreneur had a breakthrough in building her empire after Oprah Winfrey featured Spanx on her popular talk show. Sara is also a known philanthropist that helps families and women in need through her foundation and The Giving Pledge. Sara’s brand is inspired by women and for women: “I pledge to invest in women because I believe it offers one of the greatest returns on investment. While many of the world’s natural resources are being depleted, one is waiting to be unleashed – women.” 

Instagram: @sarablakely

Ken Wentworth, aka THE “Mr. Biz” ® The one and only “Mr. Biz”®.

This highly accomplished strategic business partner/CFO, Speaker, Author, Board Member, and Investor is definitely someone worth following. With 20+ years of diversified experience, Mr. Biz regularly shares his recipe for success on multiple social media platforms: his award-winning radio show, Mr. Biz Radio, his Mr. Biz YouTube channel, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others.

One of his personal mantras is he – “turns problems into profits”. Apart from helping business owners to be more profitable and “sleep better at night”, Mr. Biz aims to inspire his clients, employees, and anyone who can benefit from his experience to become more bold and confident.

His upcoming third book titled, “Don’t Fake the Funk”, embodies his mindset. In it, Mr. Biz shares insights into the methodology he used to break not one or two, but SIX World Records during his competitive athletic career. This book will help people of all shapes and sizes accomplish goals they never thought were possible.

Mr. Biz leadership style is collaborative and inclusive, and to put it in his own words, “I would much rather my employees ask for forgiveness than for permission”.

After ascending to the Top 3% of a Fortune 15 company, he started his first business back in 2015, and now he is launching a new venture called Mr. Biz Solutions, a virtual business optimization platform to give small business owners one-stop access to experts, each with at least 15+ years of experience in their respective fields.

Mr. Biz is always seeking new ways to evolve and help his clients obtain record-breaking results in their companies. This, among other factors, is why he is included on this list.

Instagram: @mrbizsolutions

Eric Power Being a military veteran, Eric believes that being focused on a single item at one specific time is the only way to achieve huge results. “People must take as much time as they need to define their goal, define their purpose, their mission in life”. Eric served in the Navy for 10 years at which time he was injured on one of his deployments. In 2012 when Eric separated from the service, he began seeking help for his VA Disability claim. After not finding any help adequate to his high attention to detail nor his ability to never quit, he ended up figuring out the claim process on his own and founded what is known today as the company “Veterans Disability Help, LLC” which has its headquarters in Ridgecrest, Ca. 

Eric Power has a particular style of work; “Move with a purpose and get it done” … Eric said “I recognize when people work with passion and dedication, this you cannot train. If you are passionate about something, people will see it. Stick to that!”  When you take a day a month or even a year to focus on yourself, your personal development, your body, your work these will pay off no matter what you choose. You must choose something and take action! Sadly, most people today do not do this and spend their life in front of a TV instead of picking up a book or meeting a new person and telling a story!  

During the pandemic, Eric worked 12 – 18 hours days while handling the influx of clientele for his company. Eric had to rapidly expand his company, while employees worked from home at the same time expanding into two additional office suites to plan for when employees returned. At this same time, he decided to write and publish his first book “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self”. Which is dedicated to the veteran community and helps in finding a path upon separation. 

Also, a Humanitarian at heart and for his humanitarian efforts, he has been selected to receive a “Las Vegas Boardwalk Star of Fame” He and other partners are planning to build schools, community centers, and churches throughout many third world countries. Eric has three more books in line to be written, he is quickly becoming an Influential person in the Business and the Veteran community.

Instagram: @ericlouispower

Wolf of Dubai Daniel, better known as the Wolf of Dubai, is a German YouTuber and entrepreneur. He was always interested in the idea of investing in companies, so he used to watch YouTube videos about investing and stocks. This inspired Daniel to start creating his own content and quickly became the #1 stock investment YouTube channel in the middle east. Daniel believes YouTube is just starting, and not only as an entertainment website but also as a market for business and investment.

Daniel’s very first business idea was based on Pokemon. When he was 8 years old, he discovered free Pokemon magazines in his neighborhood toy store. He took them as they were for free and sold them for $0.50 to his classmates. He realized the importance of making a profit but one day, one of his teachers discovered Daniel’s business and told him that he would talk to his mom to stop Daniel’s business at school. He could not continue but he understood how lucrative a business can become. So, once he left school, he decided that his product must be online. His goal was to produce content that is either viral, news-related, or somehow entertaining/informational. At the highest point between vlogs & streams, he was producing 5 videos per day. He also realized that the more content you had, the more opportunity to go viral or become discovered. He knows YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and he trusts that this is how he became the most viewed stock investing channel on YouTube from the Gulf region in just 2 Years.

Instagram: @wolfofdubaidanny

Brandon Soufer is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and rising star in the real estate industry. As a Los Angeles native and a seasoned real estate professional, Brandon recognizes and values the trust his clients place in him, and he strives every day to exceed their expectations. 

After establishing his prominence in the automotive industry, Brandon transitioned his success and experience from sales to the real estate industry. He is recognized as a top 1% producer amongst first-year agents and is on track to be Keller Williams Brentwood’s 2021 Rookie of the Year. Brandon’s goal of launching his own team of fresh, motivated agents is already set in motion, as he mentors individuals who are soon to obtain their real estate licenses. 

Brandon does not limit himself to one area of focus, as he has worked and is currently working with several buyers and sellers anywhere from Downtown Los Angeles to Lake Castaic, and everything in between. Some of his areas of specialty are Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Century City, and many more. He has already acquired some of Los Angeles’ A-List celebrities as his clientele and is assisting them in the home buying process. Brandon is pacing a total of $8 Million in total sales by the end of 2021. 


Christian Johnston This Graduate from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh is nonetheless the President, Co-Founder, and lead creative of GLD. Johnston’s vision from when he was growing up became a reality through his fashion brand that nowadays is world-renowned for its jewelry.

From an early age, Johnston recalls being fascinated with the streetwear scene as well as jewelry. Later, he realized that, back then, there were not any high-quality options for jewelry in the market. “Everything in the entry-level price point was inferior quality and not something to be proud of. I also felt that nobody had yet branded jewelry and made a lifestyle out of it.”

Along with his vision, his mission became very clear: to make the best quality jewelry at all price points, including entry-level, and portray it through the aspirational lifestyle of the brand, which is known as “The GLD Lifestyle.” Currently, Johnston’s brand maintains a strong engaged community with GLD through social media platforms. By creating daily IG stories and “fun exclusive” content more people can join the lifestyle and join in with the aspirational element of the brand which is “to be great at whatever it is you do. We work with top athletes, artists, influencers, etc. So, whatever it is that you do, our community shares that same aspiration.” 

This fashion pioneer likes to lead by example and encourage everyone to explore their potential. He also likes to keep in mind all the hurdles that GLD has overcome since its beginnings in 2015. “Knowing what we have been through as a brand helps to keep me even-keeled. Never get too high or too low.”

Instagram: @christian_johnston

Daniel Bear born in Bethnal Green, at the age of 18 Daniel left college to pursue a career in law, beginning his journey working as a barrister’s clerk in London. Becoming disillusioned with a 9 to 5 existence he began to think about starting his own business ultimately becoming a hugely successful entrepreneur.

After visiting France during the 1998 World Cup, he quickly realized the bakery market, especially the upmarket sector, was very much untapped in the UK. On his return and without any capital, Daniel managed to secure a loan from a barrister to help begin a British baking revolution. 

“Euphorium bakery” was born and his first store opened in Islington, London. In 2012 over an 18 month period Daniel embarked on an incredibly ambitious Journey rolling out Euphorium Bakery to 126 stores, employing over 3000 bakers making it the quickest retail expansion in UK history. In 2015 Tesco PLC made an eye-watering £80 million offer for the brand firmly positioning him as one of the most influential Businessmen in the UK.

Daniel has since ventured into the movie industry with shogun films starring alongside Danny Trejo in the Action flick ‘renegades’. Yearning to return to retail, Daniel has recently agreed on a global Licensing deal with Priscilla Presley, together founding a new ready meal brand that will finally offer a true step-change in the vegan sector.

Instagram: @thedarklordbear

Alec Atkinson Born in American Fork-Utah, Atkinson is a young entrepreneur that saw the need to assist local businesses that were struggling to maintain profit margins and steady clients in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Atkinson founded his company HarvestReact in August 2020, to help investors start their own e-commerce stores. “We knew that more and more companies needed to go digital and didn’t have the means to transition smoothly. Digital marketing can be really intimidating, but HarvestReact helps make it simple.” 

HarvestReact works by helping investors, companies, or individuals see an ROI on dollars spent on a digital front. Additionally, HarvestReact assists other companies that are seeking to get into e-commerce by starting their own automation-dropshipping store. Atkinson and his team leverage social media as a resource, while also using their own software to reach out to companies. “I love sitting down with an executive team and showing them our software can really help their sales teams”.

Currently, HarvestReact is rapidly growing thanks to its passionate and determined founder as well as its amazing working team. “Our head developer Graham Harrison is amazing and can literally build whatever we can think of”, expresses Atkinson along with his excitement to continue expanding the company and “see where it leads”.

Instagram: @alec_atkinson

Doug Cartwright is a speaker, author of #1 best-selling book Holy Sh!t We’re Alive, and the CEO and founder of The Daily Shifts, an online company dedicated to inspiring lasting transformation of the mind, body, and soul.

Doug’s childhood had a profound impact on who he is and how his life has played out. Trying to heal the wounds from his childhood and dismantling the traumatic experiences he has internalized, has been a big part of his growth and something that has even worked for his customers.

Doug explains that although there have been many vicissitudes in his life, he has always shown optimism, resilience, and commitment. He believes that most people just love being around people who are happy, lighthearted, and cheerful.

Doug spent years in the sales industry but found little fulfillment until he stumbled upon meditation and realized his life was no longer his own. After several years of spiritual work, he learned to cut out external pressures and hear his own inner voice speak. Now, he helps thousands through The Daily Shifts to find peace in modern life. He works with top CEO’s and celebrities across the country. If you’ve experienced a level of external success but are still feeling an internal void, Doug’s work is for you. You can find him on Instagram @Doug_Cartwright 

Kristen Butler is the Founder and CEO of Power of Positivity. This entrepreneur, writer, and visionary’s mission is to uplift the planet! Kristen started her company 12 years ago, and today her brand has a collective global audience of over 50 million. Her website has received over 1 billion page views since its launch in 2015. Kristen says her life’s purpose is to help others improve their lives through positivity. Her approach is based on science-based research, experience and mindfulness. “I believe creating PoP was and still is part of my purpose in this lifetime! It connects the dots for many of my interests, skills, and experience.”

Apart from promoting a complete self-transformation, an active life-style and plant-based diet, Kristen is living proof of her company’s effectiveness. She, herself, had overcome a few hurdles in her life before transforming herself: “I knew that if I could turn my life around 180, after hitting rock bottom, through positive change, anyone else could too.” About her company, she expresses, “the goal has always been to offer as much free, inspirational content as possible to our audience. To publish uplifting resourceful information all throughout the day, when they need daily reminders.” 

Power of Positivity has grown consistently for over a decade now, and it is mainly due to their consistent, unique content, engagement, and encouragement they provide for their community. Moreover, thanks to their team, PoP continues to be a reference of wellness within their community. In terms of the future, Kristen adds, “This is only the beginning, we plan to grow and offer more to our community through video, books, courses, products, etc. I want more people to know how important their daily mindset and habits are, and that by making small, subtle shifts, they can change their life completely.”

A message from Kristen: You can follow me for daily inspiration on Instagram @positivekristen or text “Hi Kristen” to 828-237-6082 for a free daily inspirational message.  


Ed Mylett, Born in Diamond Bar, CA, is currently on the list of wealthiest men in the USA. He is a world-renowned businessman, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Ed is also a famous author and an inspiration for athletes, as a sport advisor. This charismatic keynote speaker has massive fan followers on social media. He has his own YouTube channel that he uses to create videos and content for inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Between YouTube and Instagram, he has millions of followers.

Ed’s ambition growing up was to be an elite athlete, however, he has now become an elite entrepreneur, businessperson, keynote speaker, and a business coach. His current net-worth is around $400 million.

Ed has expressed that his father was his first true inspiration and example of success in life. Ed is the eldest and only boy in a family of three sisters. As a young athlete, he had the discipline and passion for competition from playing baseball, which he used to create his own business and build a name for himself.  Soon after, Ed’s financial services company had made him wealthy beyond any rational dream. With 20 + years of pursuing his ambitions and succeeding, Ed has always felt humble and successful.

Instagram: @edmylett 

Anthony Sarandrea, Born in Bethpage, New York, 1991. Anthony started his first business out of his dorm room. “It was a college admissions travel agency review site for incoming high school students to choose the right apartments, dorms, sorority, fraternity, university.” His current business started about 6 years ago. He is the CEO of Pocket Your Dollars, an online financial product and insurance marketplace that allows Americans to connect with multiple products to find the best rates/coverage.

Apart from his successful business, Anthony is highly active philanthropically with St. Jude’s, ASU entrepreneurship department. In terms of his company, Anthony expresses: “we are on a purely performance model, so we only get paid when a fortune 500 carrier enrolls a customer.” He CEO style is leading with example while working for his team, not the inverse. “My job is to higher the top talent and then be a resource for them when they need anything.”

The best aspect of his job has been providing value to his team, shareholders and customers because that gives Anthony “true happiness and success.” As for his future, Anthony aims to grow to the largest online marketplaces for consumers to compare financial and insurance products, that help them save or make money. Also, compete with the Lending Trees and Nerd Wallets of the world.

Instagram: @anthonysarandrea

Sam Taggart is a passionate and accomplished entrepreneur started his own company, D2Dexperts, in 2017. Sam excels in creating custom company online training systems in direct sales companies, while also being involved in the Events, Tech, Consulting and Training Business. D2Dexperts trains committed leaders to reach maximum results in sales leadership and recruiting. Sam’s mission is to unify, uplevel and bring honor and integrity to the D2D industry.

People that know Sam and have worked with him claim that “He never stops. He is driven, accomplished and hands down building a future for the whole D2D community.” Sam has an impeccable reputation within the industry. He leads by example and loves to get out and work side by side with those he manages. He adds, “I have a very hands-off approach when it comes to managing. I hate micromanaging. So, I make a simple system for them to communicate their tasks and objectives for the week.”

Sam has created a loyal community of followers on his social media platforms. He consistently creates videos, podcasts and posts on Instagram. Soon, Sam is launching his new project called “Street Smarts”, and when asking him about this, he explained, “about what they do not teach you in school, that you learn in the streets. Most of my content leading up to now has been very focused on sales, leadership and recruiting. Now I want to really help people in life. It all mixes together.” Sam aims to have a true lasting impact on people’s lives.

Sam Taggart’s Instagram: @thesamtaggart

D2Dexperts website:

David Meltzer is CEO, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author and a humanitarian. David Meltzer has over 25 years of experience in the fields of technology, sports and entertainment. His life mission is “make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.” As a motivational speaker, David thrives by empowering people to be happy, by creating content for several platforms. With this, he aims to influence over 1 billion people. As a writer, David is a three-time international best-seller author. His latest book, Game-Time Decision Making, was a #1 new release. Moreover, David has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year and awarded him the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

David also hosts a top entrepreneur podcast, The Playbook. Currently, David is the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing. However, he is the former CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. This world-re world-renowned inspiration leader, has defined his business and life principles as following: gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication. 

As a humanitarian, every business project that David works with has a charitable component or partner. He was even appointed Knight of the world’s oldest humanitarian organization: The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta.

Instagram: @davidmeltzer