EVSE OCPP implementation in India

EVSE OCPP implementation in India

Why OCPP required in EV chargers in India?

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is communication protocol between Electric vehicle charging stations and a central management system. This enable maximum charging rate to be controlled depending upon availability of power in the grid and adopted worldwide. OCPP gives charging station owners the ability to not only monitor the condition of their charging stations, but to remotely authorize usage.

Which OCPP version needs to be implemented in my chargers?

There  are  mainly  three  different  versions  of  OCPP from  the  time  of  its  first release.  They  are  OCPP  1.5,OCPP 1.6 and OCPP 2.0 respectively. There  are  three  different  versions  of  OCPP from  the  time  of  its  first release.  They are OCPP 1.5, OCPP 1.6 and OCPP 2.0 respectively. Currently most of the EVSE supports in India OCPP 1.6. Using the same version you can check firmware upgrade capability also.

We are manufacture of Bharat AC and DC Chargers. Do you provide support to test OCPP implementation?

Yes, we would able to help you to test implementation of OCPP in EV chargers. Our platform supports OCPP 1.6 and OCPP 2.0. You need to have support of unique ID and OCPP client implementation on web socket in EV charger.

Why we should implement OCPP2.0 along with OCPP1.6?

The most recent version of the Open Charge Point Protocol is the OCPP 2.0. Recent version introduces new features mainly to improve handling large amounts of transactions, increase security, extend smart charging functionality, and to include Plug and Charge standards.

What are basic functionalities of EV charger to interact with CPO/CMS software?

  • User Authorization (Cache)
  • Transactions Start/Stop & Energy Values
  • Charge Point configuration
  • Status information
  • Remote Commands: Start/Stop/Unlock
  • OTA Firmware updates

Which protocol should I implement SOAP or Web Socket/JSON?

We prefer Web Socket/JSON over SOAP implementation. It is very effective way to have bidirectional data communication without the overhead of traditional polling strategies. EV charger with identity “EVC001” connecting to a Central System with endpoint URL is “ws://centralsystem.evcharz.com/OS3P/EVC001”

I am looking for EV charger management software. Which software CPO/CMS/EMS is best for me?

There are various standard software available in market to manage EV chargers but we recommend you to select such software which is customized as per your needs. Energy management system is critical part of this system and should be easily interfaced with your existing software like Restaurant software, Society software, billing software, Solar monitoring software etc. EV charger software should support all type of EV E-Bike, E-Rickshaw and E-Car to manage charger efficiently. It should be interoperable for any EV charger which supports OCPP protocol with backward compatibility.

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