Exclusive interview with Shayan Moti, a proud Iranian singer

Exclusive interview with Shayan Moti, a proud Iranian singer

Today we are in the service of one of the stars of Iranian music, Shayan Moti, whose real name is Shayan motemedifard, born on July 8, 2004,

Shayan is a music star, he has been trying to learn music better since he was a child, Shayan is one of the successful musicians of these years who has a certain style and voice. His main fame is due to the songs and captions he composed for the series, and in this regard, he has raised the standard level of these songs.

In the following, we have a brief interview with him about his personal and professional life.

One of your hobbies, which is also evident in your work, is folk music. Our traditional music is borrowed from the music of the regions, and then you turn to folk and ritual music. What happens in music during this return and what process does it go through?

Our traditional music is not very much borrowed from regional music. Of course, we do not know exactly what happened in the distant years. For example, we had groups called Khosravani, which is one of the corners of the satellite system. There is no evidence of how this music was performed during the time of Barbad and Nakisa, but if we assume that this is the same music, there will be changes over time. We now perform Qajar music in a different way; Because the rhythm of life has changed. Qajar musicians played faster; Perhaps one of the reasons was that in recording with the technique of that time, if they played at this speed, the melodies would not be heard well and therefore the distances were opened. If you research regional music, you will see that it is very different from our row music; The biggest contradiction is the human dimension of folk music, which is not in line with music. An important part of the music is the areas of life and society, that is, each song and melody is for a specific job, such as harvesting milk or milking the mourners, etc. Some, like the music of Khorasan or Kurdistan, had more desires, such as mysticism and attention to the higher world. The human part of folk music is due to its harmony with nature. The big problem for our musicians right now is that they are far from nature; This lack of connection with nature makes our rhythm not the same as the rhythm of the world and creates unpleasant effects. Moving away from urban spaces may be a solution to these problems. First, when you leave the city, you are not in tune with the environment for a few days, but gradually your speed slows down, and when your rhythm is in harmony with nature, you realize how long time has passed. For all these reasons, the human dimension and the harmony of folk music with nature are more pleasing to me than row music. Row music is an inner and individual music; There is even an individual structure in traditional music. Each master, for example, Master Saba or Master Ebadi and Hormozi played the strings, and each one played in such a way that no one else could play like them. It shows how individual this music is. In order to distance myself from the bubble I said is the spirit of our time, I have to reduce my communication with others.

Basically, I do not like relationships with intellectuals and I prefer to associate with ordinary people. My worker is one of my closest friends. From meeting him, I get to the problems and words of the masses.

Thank you very much for accepting our invitation today, do you have a final word?

I wish the whole world peace and tranquility and put music in the first step of their lives.