Interview with Mobin KT, popular Iranian singer, actor, composer and musician

Interview with Mobin KT, popular Iranian singer, actor, composer and musician

The phrase “phenomenon” seems to refer more to young stars who appear quickly and as a result of an event, and you can see how much thought, contemplation and patience there is about the glory in this conversation.

Mobin KT, real name Mobin Karimi Tafreshi, born on October 23, 2003, is a famous Iranian singer, composer, musician and actor. In the following, we have an interview with Mobin KT about his work and personal life.
Mobin Jan Welcome to our site, can you tell us a brief introduction about yourself?
I am a KT, I am currently active in acting and singing, I have always had a special and vague sense of music since childhood.

And I knew that one day I would have to follow the same path. At the age of 14, I started playing the guitar.

And I did not give up work due to my own pressures and my interest in music, and I never regretted continuing. And I continued to do this. And well, I have been pursuing this job professionally for several years now, and I basically spend all my time doing this so that I can produce the best work with excellent quality, and I do not pursue my work superficially at all.
We listen to most foreign music and I am not very interested in interviewing. Coming up quietly and quietly, unlike others, my moral character is either always very calm or I joke a lot.

At that time, when you were thinking about your future, did you see yourself as a well-known singer?
There are a number of things that if people say them, they may be misinterpreted and taken into account their pride, or at least say something, let’s say they got an album, but you have no right to talk like that. However, let me make this point, and I hope no one misinterprets it.
My characteristic from the past was that I did not want to be a second-class force in anything. Let me give you an example. I do not know if you have played the strategy game or not. Did you play

The strategy is to build a system from the ground up, some of which are soldiers, some of which are economic forces, and where you fight your enemies. The model I played in fits into my ethics. In the same strategy game, when I wanted to start fighting, before that, I was so strong that if the game was supposed to last normally for an hour, it would end in five minutes. I want to generalize this to this side. I did not want to enter this job empty-handed. If I wanted to do that, I could have done it ten years ago. I sang a song then, and if you listen to it now, you will see that my voice is a little different from now …

Maybe even that raw had advantages over my current voice. At that time, my voice was definitely louder and more open than it is now. I mean, that sound had advantages over my voice now, and maybe then I could get into music. This style that I work in now was the same style I had ten years ago, but I wanted my bags to be so full that I would be in the top ten when I come..