Fariba Rahimi – A style icon and a successful Entrepreneur

Fariba Rahimi – A style icon and a successful Entrepreneur

Fariba Rahimi is a famous Norwegian model and an amazing fashion sensation. On top of that, she is an emerging entrepreneur and a successful young business woman.

Her success journey is very interesting and a true inspiration for many. Born in Iran in September 1979, she was raised there by her family and when she was 16 years old, she decided to go to Turkey while her family continued to stay in Iran. After spending 2 years in Turkey, that young girl moved independently to Norway and started her modeling career as a young enthusiastic astic girl for a local modeling agency for 2 years.

Like other successful people, she was not satisfied with her life by just being a model alone. That young girl decided to start her career as an entrepreneur and a realtor and started working hard for that and made her way towards a successful real estate business after years of hard work and by learning certain management skills.

She has taken it as her profession now along with modeling and is successfully running 2 companies being the boss and having 40 plus employees.

At the age of 38, after making her name as a successful business lady, she again entered the fashion industry and decided to take a brand new start in her modeling career and to take it to the next level. She is a famous model and a fashion celebrity with thousands of followers or Instgaram and YouTube. She has worked for different companies and she is a brand ambassador of Versace has been doing commercials for it for the last couple of years.

She is working on many upcoming projects and she recently had a photoshoot with Harlys Becerra who is a famous model and actor and has acted in a Locked up (Valbuena) which is a famous Netflix series.

There are many celebrities and models out there in the fashion industry but this young lady Fariba Rahimi has set a unique example of being a famous fashion model and successful entrepreneur at the same time. Her past achievements, her strong business intellect and her recent projects clearly show that she is still looking forward to making more progress in the fashion industry and her future as a business woman is even brighter.