Ferrat Destine was destined to chart a success story for him as an inspiring entrepreneurial talent with Vitiligo.

Ferrat Destine was destined to chart a success story for him as an inspiring entrepreneurial talent with Vitiligo.

He doesn’t see Vitiligo as an issue but rather sees it as an opportunity to spread more information, knowledge, and his experiences to others to be their best versions.

Enough has already been spoken about how a few individuals and professionals have astounded the world with their impeccable skills in their chosen niches. Still, the stories of a few compel people to listen to them more to gain incredible motivation and inspiration to become well-known figures in their industry. Instead of losing hope and giving up thinking about the many issues that people face in their journeys, people need to understand how to embrace their flaws and turn those pains into a beautiful cause. Ferrat Destine opened his heart and realized his place after getting Vitiligo in 2018.

Ferrat Destine is on a mission to tell stories, share experiences, touch souls and inspire people from all walks of life, particularly people suffering from Vitiligo. The colour of his skin posed as a hurdle in his life because of Vitiligo, but he chose to accept and embrace it. Today, as a mentor, coach, entrepreneur, activist, motivational speaker, author, and podcaster, he has stunned everyone with his podcast named INSPIRE, where he helps people get inspired and create more awareness of Vitiligo.

He highlights how despite his condition, he has remained resilient enough to stay on track and focus on his goals. Ferrat Destine is backed by a hugely supportive community that grows by day; he aims to go on traveling the world and inspire others and let them know that there are a lot of people out here who are willing to support them. He did not let the many odd stares and whispers affect him, instead made it his aim to use his experiences to help others suffering from the same condition. Speaking on the same, he says, I want to inspire people to be more inclusive, to be kinder, and to reach out to those who need support and companionship the most. I want to inspire people to learn more about Vitiligo and appreciate those who are still able to wear make-up, go out in the sun, and enjoy life. People suffering from Vitiligo can be happy again.”

Ferrat Destine says that budding entrepreneurial talents and other professionals across fields must embrace who they are and always remember that “It only hurts when you think deeply about it; otherwise, it’s just a skin, and you can shine from within.”

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