Rick Bars Is Against the Promotion of Violence in Music “Cojelo Suave”

Rick Bars Is Against the Promotion of Violence in Music “Cojelo Suave”

Rick Bars talks about the music industry being full of songs that promote violence.
One lyric that has gotten the song lots attention is “Talk about violence just for a deal”.
This has sparked lots of conversations about rappers getting paid to release “toxic music”.

He has hit over 500k+ views in a week and will probably hit 1 million within a week or two.

This is not the first time Rick Bars has spoken on this topic. It seems that Rick is trying to change the climate to a more positive environment. So far this release is a YouTube exclusive.

Rick Bars is a music maker and a craftsman. He was brought up in New York City. He is the proprietor of Platinum Octave Radio and Genuine Youthful Hits. He is from Dominican and Puerto Rican legacy which motivates his music and his dedicated drive.

I’ve become on YouTube and Specify. I’ve been on YouTube since 2009. It was at first a gaming channel which changed into skating recordings. At that point I began posting music that I created for the computer games. I figured out how to showcase my recordings and I did advertisements with Platinum Octave, Hot 97, and World Star.

Rick Bars as of late delivered a tune named “Cojelo Suave”. (English interpretation “Relax”). This melody discusses the need “to chill” and possibly lessen the subject of brutality in music. He has likewise expressed that he comprehends individuals ought to have the option to talk unreservedly about their background nonetheless, there is still magnificence in development and solidarity.

Rick Bars has likewise referenced in the past that all craftsmen can mend their crowds particularly during these hard times. The melody right now has 550k perspectives on YouTube and individuals appear to concur that the advancement of viciousness might be excessively common.

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