From College Dropout to 6-Figure Earner: Taya Miller

From College Dropout to 6-Figure Earner: Taya Miller

Countless people enter college and end up dropping out and getting into major debt, Taya was one of the few that was able to pull off becoming a 6-figure earner despite this. The struggle to achieve the level of success Miller was able to pull off takes serious time and dedication. The challenge of this only encouraged her to beat the odds and reach massive success.

Struggles faced

Obstacles can easily consume people from all aspects, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally. No matter which one of the types it may be, it can break people and end their journeys in an instant if not properly handled. An obstacle that was taking a toll on Taya’s health was her mentality, specifically fearing what others thought of her. Although that wasn’t the only thing taking a ride on her health, she was also having a very hard time with stress and time management. This can easily turn into a nonstop job for Miller if she does not set any boundaries, so having to find a fine line on allowing herself to be more without her company was necessary.

Come up

In order for Miller to get past her struggles she had to face them head on. She had to grow and become comfortable with who she was. Seeing the impact she had on others, like her followers becoming more comfortable with themselves because of her, allowed Taya to do the same. Her followers were learning from her and she was learning from them. Something else Taya had to do was to limit how much work she does in one day, she is very prone to overworking herself so these boundaries are much needed.

Starting out

There’s countless ways one can come up with a plan to begin their career, but starting out without any prior knowledge or tips is simply more difficult. Taya suggests to people who are just starting out to not feel intimidated and to never forget your worth. Know what you bring to the table and what makes you worthy, and stick with it. People who are considered different from society’s standards tend to think they won’t be able to succeed and have self-doubt because they are unique. Miller strongly enforces the belief that your uniqueness is what will make you succeed, it is your power.


Taya has had numerous experiences in all types of ways regarding her niche, and with this comes many achievements. A few examples of these achievements being how she grew and expanded her own name, partnering with companies, and establishing her own business. Her personal favorite that helped her become a better person has been personal growth. Miller figured out what she is truly capable of and learned to not fear it, but rather express it to the world. Embracing the discomfort leads to becoming a more confident version of yourself, so she never held back of what can lead to her successes.