From Debt to Multi-million-dollar Entrepreneur, Jan Jens is an Inspiration to Those Hustling in this Moment

From Debt to Multi-million-dollar Entrepreneur, Jan Jens is an Inspiration to Those Hustling in this Moment

Building a multi-million-dollar company is an extremely admirable feat. Doing it on your own is a whole other ballgame. The luxury rental market has proved quite lucrative for those with the business acumen to get into it, and this has proven to be true for Jan Jens, head of the Jatina Group in Miami, FL. A luxury vacation and rental company with over-the-top properties started from humble beginnings powered by Jan’s vision and dedication.

“​I came to Miami from Germany with a $39,000 loan,” says Jan. “I started in the red, and that was a huge amount of money for me, but I was able to recoup that investment within three months.” Having loved Miami since he was a kid, Jan was determined to create a high-end vacation experience on par with the vibrant city of Miami.

Luxury and Experience

When people travel to Miami, they aren’t looking to cut corners. “Miami is known for its nightlife, restaurants, and lavish shopping,” states Jan. “They want their accommodations to reflect the opulence of the city.” Jan was selective in the properties he acquired, ensuring each one was unique and fit for a grand vacation.

High-end Clientele

J​an works with elites and A-listers, giving the Jatina Group a reputation like no other. Guests of the Jatina Group include Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Mark Walberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Drake. “When you work with a higher-end clientele, it naturally comes with exposure,” explains Jan. “A-listers have a huge following, so when you impress them, you impress their audience as well. That is what builds your reputation.”

C​oncierge on Demand

I​n a city where your every desire is available, ensuring his guests are taken care of is Jan’s first priority. “In Miami, everything is at your fingertips from great food to entertainment,” says Jan. “At the Jatina Group, we have a reliable concierge available 24/7, making sure that our clients have the vacation of a lifetime.” Jan’s committed approach to concierge service elevated his business to great heights.

From $39,000 in debt to now a $10 million business, Jan has turned the Jatina Group into one of the most sought-after luxury companies in Miami. A humble company at its start with a massive vision for the future, the Jatina Group, represents everything Miami has to offer.