Ganesh Sharma aka Santy Sharma Releases The Hottest Single – ‘Killin’. He is indeed Killin it !

Ganesh Sharma aka Santy Sharma Releases The Hottest Single – ‘Killin’. He is indeed Killin it !

There are a lot of things that India really likes and one of them includes music. A lot of people cannot actually avoid music and needed almost every time of the day, whether they’re going to be on fields or doing a particular task or even studying. Our hip hop culture is very rich because people contribute to it a lot and come up with new ways of making hip hop songs alongside interesting creative videos to go along with that. One such man has actually recently made a very popular video as well as song about the underground hip hop culture of India. The word underground hip hop is very important and prevalent here because it is not only interesting to know about but also mind blowing to hear.

Killin is the latest music by Santy Sharma. Ganesh Sharma Famously known as Santy Sharma.
A different name is very important especially for rappers because it allows them the freedom to relate to that word and make music accordingly. Previously also he had return a very popular tribute track through a famous Indian rapper Raftaar. Now, who does not know Raftaar? This is immediately appreciated by all his fans, and I bet there are people who are obsessing over it till date. Udaan’, Suni Suni Sadko, & Peeta Daaru are some of this other popular works on Musical Platforms.

Santy Sharma is not actually new to the music industry. He started out pretty early way back in 2016 and since then he has released one blockbuster after another. He is a wide range and also interested audience to support him all through this. Most importantly, he uses a lot of platforms so that people who do not have access to one can switchover to another, making it easier for them. Also he uses YouTube for releasing most of his music videos. YouTube very commonly and widely used and hence people do not face any challenges while listening to his music. He has actually done a lot, beginning from singing, rapping to actually performing live musical shows. You name it, Santy can do it.

Santy Sharma Is already pretty well established and is the leading rapper from Madhya Pradesh, India. If that does not sound good enough, the fact that he also has a different profession of digital marketing with the name of Digital-Yoog, Should be enough to impress absolutely anybody. He has also appeared on the story in Times of India just recently in 2021.