Ugur Aslan – The Man who’s Inspiring Others to Take the Big Entrepreneurial Leap

Ugur Aslan – The Man who’s Inspiring Others to Take the Big Entrepreneurial Leap

Born in Hakkari, Turkey, in 1983, Uğur Aslan is an entrepreneur who has recorded tremendous success in the cosmetic industry. A university graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, he is widely known as a successful entrepreneur-investor and his relevance in Turkey’s cosmetic industry.

Uğur Aslan sees himself as an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Traveler. He loves research and learning for life. In his words, “I generally think about what kind of times we are passing through, how it affects us, our country, and the world and the opportunities it offers us.” His dedication and love for knowledge inspire him to take opportunities when they present themselves and use the opportunities to offer value to people.

Being a successful serial entrepreneur, Uğur Aslan has invested in multiple businesses across different sectors, such as Health, Tourism, and Cosmetic. The opportunity to invest in the Cosmetic industry was presented to him in 2008 when his wife Asli Tarcan had to cater to beauty and aesthetic patients that needed products after operations. This entry into the cosmetic industry was also a factor of his great passion for investing and entrepreneurship.

His strong sense of commitment and love for investment, while earning influences his decision to invest, has led to his undeniable success. This is true because he is a futuristic person and tries to seize future opportunities. A wife that shares the same inclination to invest led them to create Proterra, a cosmetic brand growing daily in all areas. According to Uğur Aslan, “I aim to see and make use of opportunities and to create benefit, difference, and value for people.” Establishing Proterra and discovering the cosmetic industry gap as it is a growing sector, Ugur Aslan is resolved to provide benefit and value with Proterra clinically tested products. The people who have used the products are satisfied and happy about the products, which makes Uğur proud.

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