Google Maps Apparently Intends To Remove This Feature by Next Year

Google Maps Apparently Intends To Remove This Feature by Next Year

Google Maps is apparently intending to discontinue its “Followed Places” feature by early 2025. According to a PhoneArena report, users will be unable to browse or follow places within the app beginning next year.

What Is The Followed Places Feature

The “Followed Places” function allowed users to keep track of their favorite local companies and receive updates about them, such as changes in operation hours, special deals, or new menu items.

While some users found this tool useful for staying informed about their chosen retailers and restaurants, research suggests it may not be as popular as other Google Maps features.

According to a new APK breakdown, Google intends to completely eliminate the “Followed Places” functionality from the app by next year. This decision reflects Google’s continued efforts to prioritise features that appeal to a larger audience and improve the overall user experience.

Google intends to give consumers the option of downloading their local following places data before the feature is terminated. This data may then be imported into other location-based apps or maintained using personal spreadsheets.

It is unknown whether Google intends to create a substitute tool for “Followed Places” with similar capabilities. The corporation has yet to formally announce the discontinuation or provide alternatives for those who rely on this feature.