The Pixel Tablet Temporarily Supported Google’s New VPN

The Pixel Tablet Temporarily Supported Google’s New VPN

Google’s new VPN for Pixel customers briefly operated on the Pixel Tablet for a few days before being removed.

The Pixel 8 series introduced a better integrated VPN experience that does not require the Google One app. This is powered by the “VPN by Google One” app, which was briefly rebranded as “Pixel VPN by Google” on the Play Store.

The listing name has been altered once more, and now is now simply “VPN by Google,” which matches the on-device moniker following last week’s update that introduced it to the Pixel 7 series and Fold without the requirement for Android 14 QPR3.

When the updated version was launched last Thursday, Google first allowed Pixel Tablet owners to download and configure the VPN. Officially, Google VPN is only available for the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, Fold, 8, 8 Pro, and 8A.

The Pixel Tablet has been removed from the list of eligible devices in the last 24 hours, and those who have it installed can no longer connect to the VPN.

This is not surprising, but it is unfortunate that Google’s VPN does not extend to Pixel Tablet owners, who have the same hardware generation as the Pixel 7 and are equally priced when compared to the A-series.