Habib Coulibaly, aka Habiibii, creates ripples of growth in the world of music and how

Habib Coulibaly, aka Habiibii, creates ripples of growth in the world of music and how

This young guy has dived deep into the music space and aced the game of playing varied musical instruments.

Isn’t it incredible to see the constant growth pedestal on which a few industries have been over the years? What is even more incredible to notice is how these industries have flourished constantly because of the many ceaseless efforts several individuals and professionals have continually put in to turn those sectors into highly successful niches. To be able to do in that in creative and artistic industries like music has been too demanding for everyone who has ever chosen to be a part of it, but Habib Coulibaly, aka Habiibii, is one who, as a music artist did not think of the hurdles he may face in the industry, but focused on the passion he felt for music.

Adopting his stage name “Habiibii,” this young guy is the real “Habiibii” of the music world, whose work is today increasingly loved by almost all music lovers across the world; such is the craze he has already created as a music producer and music artist. Having African roots and living in Cologne, he also seamlessly proves the inheritance of different cultures in him through music; that is the magic he creates playing around varied clubs in Germany. He has risen to the top as an electronic music DJ and has also turned heads with his brother, adopting the artist name Habama Brothers. Together, they are a house on fire when it comes to music.

Habiibii feels happy creating music as he believes he has the opportunity to connect with people and spread more happiness and joy to them with his work. His music skills were innate, thanks to his musician father, Uhuru, who taught him to play different musical instruments like Drums and Djembe, which are African drums from West Africa. So far, Habiibii has played in different parts of the world, like Nancy, Paris/France, Ibiza, Fuerteventura, Morocco/Agadir, and other places, and now is looking forward to performing even in Dubai.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @iamhabiibii.