‘Happy Birthday Divya’ Trending at #8 on Twitter in India 3 Hours on Divya Gandotra Tandon’s Birthday

‘Happy Birthday Divya’ Trending at #8 on Twitter in India 3 Hours on Divya Gandotra Tandon’s Birthday

Hashtags are an important tool on Twitter and people have been using them to organize and sort their tweets. When your hashtags start becoming popular it means that your content is relevant to a specific subject and people can relate to it. While this is the wisest use of hashtags to increase the number of impressions on Twitter, many people use hashtags for other purposes as well.

People have been using hashtags when they wish to convey their feelings or emotions towards someone, and often such hashtags make it to the top 10 trending hashtags list. People use hashtags while wishing a celebrity on his birthday, on the success of a film they like, and so on. Today, in India, there is one hashtag that has surprisingly ended up on the trending list. It is the one that reads ‘Happy Birthday Divya’. Now, many of you must be wondering who this Divya is exactly? Is she a celebrity, a model, or a politician? Well, she is a renowned young Indian entrepreneur and YouTuber – Divya Gandotra Tandon.

Today is Divya’s birthday and her followers from all over the world and colleagues have been wishing her on this auspicious day. Somehow, they have managed to create a hashtag for her birthday and land it on the trending list of hashtags in India. Divya is a young entrepreneur from the state of Jammu and Kashmir who has recently co-founded Scoop Beats, a digital media company alongside another young Indian entrepreneur friend Akhilendra Sahu. She has most recently taken up the role of Chief Operating Officer in ASTNT Technologies Private Limited. She is also a famous YouTuber and is known as the Tech Girl in the YouTube community. It is worthy to note that at the age of 19 she has achieved what many people dream to achieve in their lives.

Divya’s followers have given her a surprise in the form of the trending hashtag and she is thankful to all of them. May this young entrepreneur have the best birthday and continue to surpass the barriers of society as she always has. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Divya Gandotra Tandon!