Himanshu Goyal, an emerging new-age content marketer

Himanshu Goyal, an emerging new-age content marketer

“Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” – David Beebe, Founder & CEO, Storified Hospitality Group

Relating content marketing to dating wouldn’t be wrong because, content isn’t good if it only tells the story of a product, rather, good content cannot only tell about the product but also relate itself to the needs of the viewer, and the one who understands this very basic yet powerful concept can only be called as a great content marketer. If we talk about the field of content marketing, there’s an emerging name, Himanshu Goyal, who with his creative and risk-taking mindset is bringing an evolution in the industry.

Hailing from the city Indore of Madhya Pradesh, India, Himanshu has always been very artistic as the city is full of artistic and creative gems, but what sets Himanshu apart is his ability to analyze a situation well and risk-taking mindset fuelled with desire and creative ability. Himanshu is a very young digital marketer and is currently pursuing BCA from PIMR Indore. During his school days only, he came to know about social media and when he engaged within and interacted with other budding influencers, he got an idea of an emerging opportunity to make fortune out of it. He involved in it, handled different accounts of a variety of niches, and then eventually grew his venture of digital marketing.

Himanshu loves to communicate with new people and this ability of him helped him to attain a great influencer as well as clientele network. People always love to interact and work with him. Himanshu knew a marketer should know how to recognize the needs of his targeted audience and relate them to specific products and hence, his marketing plans rarely ever failed to give good ROI (Return on investment).

Talking about his journey, initially when Himanshu started putting work and time into the field of social media marketing, he had very less to no resources available, so he had to build everything from scratch and with time and growing experience he eventually attained his desired goal to establish a successful venture of his own. From a boy with no knowledge of social media to becoming a master in it wasn’t an easy task but Himanshu never gave up on his dreams and with persistence, he gained relevant skills and a mindset to get success over any difficulty.

“When you have no resources, you have your burning desire as the biggest one” – Himanshu Goyal

In this age of social media when brands are actually showing interest in growing their presence virtually to connect with the audience in real-time, budding digital marketers can apply the principles and tactics of Himanshu to get success.