How Adam Ibrahim started from ground zero and established himself as a leading investment expert

How Adam Ibrahim started from ground zero and established himself as a leading investment expert

The worlds of real estate and high finance have Historically been dominated by a few families in the select class.

These have been the arenas of massive wealth for centuries and up until this high-tech age, they were perhaps the only arenas for one to make massive gains and well. While perhaps not an “old boys club,”  these worlds are usually highly exclusive and to gain the necessary traction often requires connections rather than ability or talent. These barriers to entry have kept these worlds roughly segmented, especially at the top. But, with the advent of the high-tech age, the tools to gain wealth are now distributed more equally, and more and more people are entering the finance and real estate worlds looking to gain wealth.

Unfortunately, these worlds can also be high risk and many newcomers fall prey to this fall-out without the necessary reserves or connections to protect themselves. Adam Ibrahim is certainly a newcomer in the world of asset management—but he has flipped the risk equation on its head.

In 1992, Ibrahim was born in New York City, and his family–a single mother teaching art in the underfunded and underappreciated public school system and a sister–had to scrape by to survive. Walking near Wall Street, he saw all this tremendous wealth made by seemingly legalized gambling and he wanted in. He dedicated himself and secured a highly competitive internship on Wall Street during high school and began his education in the world of high finance and asset management.

He attended Binghamton University, studying economics, and worked with a few companies during his underclassmen years such as a local law firm working as a paralegal. On the side, he hustled and saved. He began acquiring properties and creating his own small real estate empire. His empire grew to over twenty properties in the Upstate New York area. He had now become the principal and manager in a real estate company that was servicing institutional and accredited investors. Very quickly, he became obsessed.

He gained a complex understanding of asset management and real estate and continued building his empire which grew to over 50 properties in the Greater Binghamton Area. Since 2014, Ibrahim’s company has developed and established itself as a full-service property management and maintenance operation. Most importantly, Ibrahim along the way was helping other “outsiders” learn the world of asset management and real estate so they could build wealth for their communities and others.

But the true test of Ibrahim has come during this present, Corona-induced economic downturn. While many big-name money managers from that exclusive class sustained heavy losses with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting as much as 40% from its highs in recent trading, Adam Ibrahim’s 365 fund reported a maximum loss of only 2.6%, despite having significant exposures to the US and Global Equities. Ibrahim credits his unique leveraging of his specific asset management and investment strategies to shield his clients from extreme risk while still capitalizing on the market chaos primarily through traditional property assets.  Ibrahim is certainly a new face in the asset management world and is taking it but storm!