It’s the wedding season on TikTok

It’s the wedding season on TikTok

The wedding season is upon us. If you are getting married or attending a ton of weddings and looking for inspiration, TikTok is the platform you cannot miss. Since its launch in India in 2017, TikTok has gained immense popularity among over 200 million users here.

TikTok offers the perfect place where users can share exciting and innovative content. Each user on TikTokgets the chance to display unique talent by generating content that strikes a chord with the other users. It has enabled users to become creators and complete flexibility to upload videos on a wide variety of themes such as food, travel, education, weddings, comedy, and DIY. One can daresay that TikTokis a cultural zeitgeist that has completely gripped its audience due to the sheer diversity of content one can find on the platform.

Coming back to weddings, gone are the days of boring weddings. Every Indian wedding now aspires for an IT factor to become a memorable one. While there is time tested trends to make a wedding special, who doesn’t crave for some novelty? #Indianweddings is an immensely popular trend on TikTok that has gathered 199.6 million views as on date. Another trending hashtag is #desiwedding, which has over 9.4 million views. Whether you are looking for creative ways for the entry of the bride and groom or looking for songs to dance your heart out at sangeet, TikTok will not disappoint you. There are a large number of amazing videos that will leave you inspired. Let us look at some of the popular videos that are the perfect place to start your journey:

For a royal entry at your wedding: Why choose horse carriages and dolis to make a grand entry for your jaimala ceremony when you can make a larger-than-life impact by arriving on a moving stage? Check out this TikTok video for inspiration. Bonus: the stage of the bride and groom joins to become a heart! Isn’t that totally aww-worthy?

Dance your heart out at the haldi ceremony: If you are the bride, you don’t have to sit still at your haldi while others have fun! Check out this TikTok video where the bride and her friends put up an excellent performance at haldi ceremony.

Find mehendi designs: As a gorgeous bride or friend of the bride, mehendi is a super important part of getting ready for the wedding. If you are looking for eye-catching mehendi designs for the bride, this TikTokvideo is a perfect watch.

Get makeup inspiration: Wondering what kind of eye makeup will be perfect for the next wedding that you have to attend? Help is at hand on TikTokwatch this video and get inspired to create a fantastic pink metallic eye makeup that will make you a star at the event.

Find ideas for wedding decor:  Looking for the perfect wedding decor that will leave your guests jaw-dropped? This TikTokvideo right here is guaranteed to have the same effect on you. Don’t miss the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling!

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