How important is sports as a concept for Arvind Kejriwal? Asks Kanthi D Suresh

How important is sports as a concept for Arvind Kejriwal? Asks Kanthi D Suresh

Yeah, now whatever is happening in Power Sportz has a touch of politics, sometimes it is more of politics – like Talking Turkey with Kanthi Friday Episode. As Ms. Kanthi D Suresh appeared to be setting the platform for the issue that is more political than sports. 

And it all came after Arvind Kejriwal’s speech on sports went viral. Kejriwal’s speech on sports and his latest bill on sports raised the alarm that made Ms. Kanthi to turn a sports news platform to a political newsroom. Well, it could be some sort of preparation also, I mean already Ms. Kanthi is set to launch her new news channel dedicated to politics ‘Power News’, probably she must be using Power Sportz for keeping her audience updated about the upcoming launch!

Well, whatever it is, whether she is using the Power Sportz platform for preparing her audience or spicing it up. The truth remains, the race for Delhi elections is heating up, and the narratives have changed dramatically from, Beti, Bijli, Paani, Mohalla to different level and set up. This time it’s not just different, but beyond imaginations…..

Now, sports seems to be taking importance in the run-up to the elections. The Delhi Sports University Bill that was passed by AAP off late was termed as historic by the CM of Delhi. However, we don’t know in what sense it is going to be historic…. Yet, we will have to wait to know that! 

But, Mr. CM claims that no government has done as much as they have done for Sports in the past 70 years. He further claimed that the bill will act as a system, a structure to create medalists from Delhi. 

I am not sure if Mr. CM would have thought of it that whether the Sports universities which excel in conferring degrees, actually be able to create medalists? Probably, Kejriwal’s academic background might have prevented him to think the ‘Sports’ way? As he predicted 10 medals at the Olympics… But HOW, ONLY GOD KNOWS!!! 

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