Top 5 trending accounts to follow on Helo

Top 5 trending accounts to follow on Helo

Everyone has a different idea of entertainment. It can be going out to watch a movie or having a fun meeting with a friend or cooking your favorite food or playing with our pet or spending a relaxed day with family. We all want entertainment in our lives, in one form or the other. Entertainment brings much-needed relief from the stress we face in our lives on a daily basis. It’s just like a little hint of sunshine on a dark, gloomy day that brings comfort and joy at the same time.

In the modern age, the social media platform takes charge of offering us our daily dose of entertainment. While we still take out time from our busy schedules to indulge in activities that make us happy, but it’s social media that we spend our most of the time on and wouldn’t it be exciting if it turns out to be fun. Helo, a leading social media platform that connects global desis, is one such platform that takes care of our daily dosage of entertainment in the best way possible. While browsing through its feed, you will get to see some really interesting posts in the language of your preference.

There are numerous accounts to follow on the Helo app, but here are the 5 accounts that you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Bollywood Speed: This popular account has 846.6K followers, which certainly speaks for its repute. It offers the latest gossips and news as well as shares pictures of celebrities with its followers – and boy, it doesn’t disappoint them in any which way. It’s doing its job in a pretty decent way.
  2. Shriya Jain: She is a singer who has 213.4K followers on the Helo social app. Shriya Jain shares posts in which she sings, poses, acts or gives a sneak peek into her daily life activities. It’s fun to get connected to her in a way that makes us feel like a part of their lives.
  3. True Love Feelings: This Helo account is currently followed by 195.9K people. The pictures, videos or quotes that are being posted on this page are related to love and romance that are widely appreciated by the people in love or who have experienced love in their lives at any point in time. Helo provides an easy option to share posts on WhatsApp or even save these in the phone gallery on a click.
  4. Jannat Zubair FC: This is a fan club account of Jannat Zubair who is a famous Indian television actress. This Helo profile is followed by 159.5K people or her fans. This account shares the videos and pictures of Jannat Zubair, along with some snippets from the television serials she stars in.
  5. Amit Bhai: With 192.5K followers on Helo, Amit Bhai is one of the most popular original entertainment creators. This account is widely followed for the content that can be shared as WhatsApp status by its followers. It generally posts pictures, videos, and quotes related to romance, poetry, emotions and other genres.

So, follow these accounts and many more to drench yourself in the shower of entertainment, exclusively on the Helo app.

Note: The followers’ count of the mentioned accounts is as on 18 Dec 2019.

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