Jack London Discusses How The Digital Age Is Changing The World’s Access To Art

Jack London Discusses How The Digital Age Is Changing The World’s Access To Art

The Internet has changed the way we look at the world and, in some sense, the way the world looks. Everything we do has been digitalized. While there are pros and cons to each of humankind’s creations, the fact remains that the digital age has dawned, and tethered to it are opportunities previously inaccessible to most. Among them is London-based artist Jack London, who believes the digital impact on the fine arts world cannot be overlooked at any cost.

Jack is the founder and owner of Shoeuzi, a collectible art series of resin uzi gun art. Inspired from the streets of London, Jack’s art is a homage to the spirit of youthful rebellion and a life well-lived on the edge. His work is intrinsic, and he’s no alien to the digital world, especially when it comes to bringing his work where it belongs — to the people. He says, “These are collectible items that are not limited to the elite. They can be owned and loved by the people for whom the meaning of this art is more immediate, more palpable. And the best place to find anyone today is the internet. Whether I’m running my site or granting access to my products through other online retail portals, there’s no denying that the digital impact has increased the possibilities for artists like me and art like mine exponentially.”

Jack has numbers to back up his claim. With over 57.6 thousand followers on Instagram who devour his posts, merely 116 so far, it shows that Jack has been touching all the right buttons. Expounding the role the digital world has played in his growth, Jack says, “Art has always been linked to culture directly. Social media is like a megaphone in the hand of the artist. Now we can talk loud and clear, and our voices will be heard. I am very grateful to live in these spirited times. I mean, I can’t even imagine living with my spirit at any other time. It would have been hard to support my family through my interest. To let go of it would have been worse than heartbreak. But thanks to social media, there’s more room for new rules and new art forms.”

The writing on the wall is for everyone to see — the digital world has paved the way for art to enter more homes and new hearts.


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