Some interesting points and interesting tricks of the fashion world from the language of Shaghayegh Karimi

Some interesting points and interesting tricks of the fashion world from the language of Shaghayegh Karimi

Part of the appeal of your style depends on knowing how much of your body should be covered in a dress and how much of it can be seen.

“Choose only one part of your body to be seen.” Therefore, if you choose a decollete ball gown, your skirt should not be too short, or if your dress is short or has a long slit, it is better to wear shoulders.

If you are going to have a functional dress in your wardrobe, a simple white shoe is definitely the first choice. White shoes are the ones you can find in abundance in Marilyn Monroe style.


A plain white women’s suit easily gives a pair of jeans a radiant look and makes a skirt look simple, classic and special.

“The biggest mistake women make is not choosing the height of their pants to match the heel height of their shoes.”


In fact, a pair of pants should be either flat or high-heeled.


An elegant women’s bag with a long chain strap is the best choice for evening or evening. These bags are not only attractive, but also allow your hands to be free to hold a fruit bowl or a drink glass.


If you choose a feminine pants, make sure that the fabric of the pants has a bit of fiber, such as spandex or lycra. In fact, a full-length cotton pants can not take the form of a good absorption on the body.


If you are going to buy a very important dress like a special ball gown, do not forget to have a gun before trying it on. Wearing a gun, underwear and a suitable bra will make the clothes show their true form on your body.


The quality of the lining and its clean stitching are the signature of a designer and one of the best signs of the quality of a dress. So do not always just look at the exterior and take a close look at the sewing and lining of the dress to be able to determine the true value of a dress.


Do you like to fit in your style? You can combine tight and loose clothes. For example, wear a pair of sandals with a simple tight top or a loose blouse or tunic with leggings or feminine pants. Of course, to do this, you need to be aware of your body shape more than anything else.

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