JDaGr8 Is Ballin Ballin Ballin On New Track Stay Established

JDaGr8 Is Ballin Ballin Ballin On New Track Stay Established

How many times does JDaGr8 say he’s ballin on his new single? 50 Times! Now let’s take a deeper look at the correlation between ballin and the number 50. One of Hip Hop’s biggest ballers goes by the name of 50 Cent. In Super Bowl 50, the over-under score was exceeded when Von Miller and the Broncos beat the Panthers and the average ad cost over $5 million dollars for 30 seconds!

Ok enough ballin, but let’s get back to JDaGr8 and his new single. Clearly, he is a baller, right? I mean it all just makes sense. Bentleys, taking girls, and taking care of your friends when they get in a jam, sounds like some baller stuff to me. But anyways, he shines bright on his new single and delivers with confidence.

JDaGr8 hails from Houston, TX where some of Hip Hop’s biggest ballers are originally from. You have Slim Thug who was the self-proclaimed biggest boss. You have J Prince who is respected everywhere and also brought to life the biggest label to ever come out of Houston, Rap-A lot-Records.

JDaGr8 is in great company. What will make him in even better company is the consistent release of quality music that he has shown over the years. From working with internet star, Chris Sails to Baton Rouge all star, NBA YoungBoy, he has shown that he can do it all. Make sure you stream “Stay Established” on Apple Music and Spotify.

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