Spotify’s high fidelity streaming deferred indefinitely

Spotify subscribers waiting for its HiFi level are in for a long wait.

The organization reported designs for the level back in February 2021, uncovering that CD-quality streaming was quite possibly the most mentioned features by client stayed with 320kbps.

The carry out was to start for “Premium subscribers in select markets” to upgrade… “later this year” … “and listen to their favourite songs the way artists intended.”

Plans were to collaborate with “some of the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers” to guarantee high loyalty or lossless audio was “accessible to as many fans as possible”.

During that time reports of screenshots of the Spotify HiFi logo on the application turned out to be dubious, followed by an onboarding video for the feature leaked online.

Eleven months after the original declaration it appears Spotify hasn’t deserted the thought.

Yet, it isn’t by and large approaching regarding when it may show up, or the number of Spotify’s 30 million tunes would be accessible in top audio quality.

A moderator on Spotify’s forums said: “We know that HiFi quality audio is important to you.

“We feel the same, and we’re excited to deliver a Spotify HiFi experience to Premium users in the future.

“But we don’t have timing details to share yet. We will of course update you here when we can.”

A justification for the deferral is that Apple Music offers its HiFi free of charge, which implies Spotify has been compelled to reconsider as it intended to charge higher than the current Premium plan.


Bread Boi Is Looking Make His Name Known In The Music Industry

With full swing and cockiness on this single, Bread Boi is taking names on his release of “You Broke”. Quite literally in the title, Bread Boi aims to those who lie to themselves about who they really are. By showing love and respect to those around him, Bread Boi aims to remove the fake and the hate.

Coming from Detroit, Bread Boi has become a staple of the music scene and this track has only solidified his spot. For him, his music is his life and his true purpose. By telling his story and laying it all out in a verse, “You Broke” has become a hit for him as an artist. This track came as a surprise as it sounds wildly different from previous releases this year. This track has become a huge selling point for Bread Boi.

If you haven’t given “You Broke” a listen, be sure to check it out and play it at the next function. As fans, we currently can’t wait to see what’s to come next for Bread Boi as an artist. With tons of anticipation, all we can do right now is enjoy the work he’s given us this year.

You can give “You Broke” and all of his other amazing releases on his Spotify artist page here. As well as keep up with Bread Boi on his Instagram here, his personal Twitter here, and his Facebook page here.


Emo-Rap Prodigy Drawn To The Sky Took it Upon Himself To Make His Music Dreams Come True

It’s truly hard to pin down what exactly inspires the music of the Minnesota-born, Los Angeles-based artists Drawn To The Sky. Growing up listening to his father’s 80s music, Drawn To The Sky aka Dustin Gill found himself in the music of pop-punk and hip-hop. Still, it’s not just musical influences that contribute to the artist’s unique sound. “Recently I’ve been really fascinated with the UFO phenomenon,” Gill shares, “and I have gone really far down that rabbit hole the last couple of years.” What truly makes Drawn To The Sky unique is Gill’s ability to combine all of his influences and streamline them into something entirely new.

In 2018, Gill had just begun his professional career in music. While he had always dreamed of being a musician, it wasn’t until his final year of college where he decided to finally pursue it full-time. Studying up on songwriting and music production, Gill moved out to Los Angeles to bring Drawn To The Sky to life. His first year in California was far from a dream, however. Living out of his minivan, which also served as his recording studio, Gill was totally on his own.

This time alone though has always been something positive for Gill. Growing up, he was an only child with divorced parents, which meant frequently moving from home to home and town to town. With all this time on his hands, he was able to learn guitar, among many other hobbies, and truly utilized his alone time. “If I’m ever going through a tough time, there’s no better feeling than to isolate myself and just spill out my emotions over a guitar or beat,” Gill shares.

Over the last few years, Drawn To The Sky has gained serious traction online, collecting millions of streams on Spotify and landing placement on official Spotify playlists alongside some of the biggest names in alternative rock. While 2021 has been a quiet year for Drawn To The Sky in terms of new music, its only because Gill has been hard at work in the studio prepping for 2022. A collection of singles is ready for release anytime now, Gill states, and they will eventually be repurposed into an EP next year. “My greatest achievement thus far has been my ability to take my greatest passion in life and turn it into my full-time job,” Gill states. “I always dreamed of being a professional musician as a kid.”

Keep up with Drawn To The Sky by following him on Instagram, @drawntothesky, and listening to him on Spotify.


Spotify includes more subscribers, podcasts fuel advertisement bounce back

Spotify Technology SA (SPOT.N) beat Wall Street estimates for third-quarter revenue as more paid subscribers signed up for its premium service and advertisers lined up to air advertisements in between music and podcasts.

Premium subscribers, which account for most of the organization’s income, hit 172 million, simply beating experts’ expectations for 171.7 million.

Total monthly active users rose 19% to 381 million.

Spotify procures from subscriptions and by introducing adverts to non-paying members. Revenue from advertisements, which fell at the height of the pandemic, bounced 75% to 323 million euros ($376 million), and the organization is wanting to employ many staff to additional boost advertising sales.

The organization has likewise been investing heavily in its podcast business to match that of Apple (AAPL.O) and later launched a paid subscription platform for podcasters in the United States and opened it up for advertising.

“We are seeing lots of demand on the podcasting side, which is bringing more advertisers in,” Chief Executive Daniel Ek said in an interview.

The organization doesn’t break out the share of advertising produced by podcasts yet Ek said growth was in triple digits over a similar period last year, becoming a significant contributor to overall advertising growth.

Spotify wandered into podcasts in 2018 with a series of acquisitions and presently has 3.2 million podcasts on its platform, up from 2.9 million in the last quarter.

“While we have been relentless in our pursuit of being the world’s largest audio platform, it’s still early days and we are just getting started,” Ek said.

Spotify forecast final quarter revenue of 2.54-2.68 billion euros with 177-181 million premium subscribers. The top finish of the two measures outperforms average investigator evaluations of 2.62 billion euros in revenue and 180 million subscribers.

Total revenue rose 27% to 2.50 billion euros in the second from last quarter, beating the 2.45 billion expected by experts, as per IBES information from Refinitiv.

Around 40% of Spotify’s premium subscribers are based in Europe and 29% in the United States.

The organization detailed a net benefit of 2 million euros contrasted and a deficiency of 101 million euros per year sooner.


Music Artist Carlucci Keys Releases his Single (Reggie Bush)

(Reggie Bush), the Anticipated single is now available on all digital music platforms worldwide. Here are a few Apps to choose from, click one of the options below to stream the song.



Apple Music






Check out this Article write-up below of the Rapper Carlucci Keys.



Massachusetts Artist O$hak Is Ready To Prove He Has What It Takes

Even before creating music himself, O$hak an up-and-coming hip hop artist has always had a passion for the art. Starting to get involved with music as a whole when he was eleven years old, O$hak quickly fell in love and found himself looking to get his hands on anything that he could. At twelve years old, he started mixing songs together with a DJ board that his parents had gotten him, and the rest is history. From that point on, O$hak has known that music was the route that he needed to go down to feel fulfillment and so far, he is killing it as an artist.

Currently an independent artist, O$hak handles his career from top to bottom as he tries to navigate his way into the mainstream music industry. He pulls inspiration from artists such as Juice WRLD and makes music for anyone going through a tough time. “I want people to know that it’s completely normal to be struggling with any form of mental illness or major challenge in their life. I want my story to be a way to spread awareness on mental health. My goal is to show my vulnerability in my songs so people know they aren’t alone. Because no one ever is,” says O$hak.

O$hak is more committed now to his dreams than ever before. He feels 100% confident in his ability to hang with any of the top artists in the game, and it will be exciting to watch him build his career into that tier of success. He is on the right path and as long as he sticks to the code no one will be able to stop his rise to the top. Be sure to check out O$hak’s music if you haven’t already as this is one young talent you won’t want to miss out on. 

Stream O$hak’s Music on Spotify here

Follow O$hak on Instagram here


D8: Music Artist of the hour

Music is one media that has the power to connect people from all over the world together, as it has an unbeatable and difficult to ignore compelling force. Musicians of many genres have commanded the space since the beginning of time and continue to do so with their rhythms and sounds.

The enormous musical world has the ability to enthral every human soul with its strength, and its fascination is so strong that it definitely leaves everyone entranced. Many artists have captured the hearts of music fans over the years and gone on to become legends, and many from the present breed are no less than these stalwarts who have ruled the musical arena with their massive talents.

When we think about the current crop of music artists who are doing exceptionally well by delivering back-to-back successes and having their music top the charts, one name that comes to mind is D8, who is leading from the front and earning great popularity of late.

This talented young musician is among the greatest who have wowed audiences with their unrivalled hip hop and rap skills. This musical dynamo has been a fan of music since he was a child, and he has honed his craft as he has grown up.

Since the beginning, he has focused on understanding how things function in this domain, which has led him to master the ropes and grasp the subject to its roots, transforming him into the hip hop and rap sensation that he is today.

His debut into the huge world of music came in December 2019 with his track ‘Snake Me,’ which featured YXNG Loose and went on to become a big crowd pleaser, garnering over 200K views on YouTube. D8 was compelled to cooperate with other artists as well as release singles, resulting in impacting music in the future.

In 2020, he released the singles “Sliding” and “Bandz,” which both charted at the top of numerous music streaming platforms. Due to the success of his latest work, he has received offers to perform alongside well-known artists such as Double LZ, Mastermind, Mitch, AJ JNR, and Bandokay. With his music receiving proper acknowledgment and his streams receiving the most views on Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, it’s safe to say he’s made it big.


Spotify will currently tell you of new releases from your favorite artists

Spotify is acquainting a feature with tell individuals when their favorite artists and podcast makers have a new release to look at. Appearing as a bell icon you’ll discover at the top of the application’s home interface, The What’s New panel gathers new releases from bands, musicians and shows you follow on the platform. Social networking sites are also very helpful to promote any songs or videos through Spotify advertisements. All these platforms are so related to each other and make a good profit out of the advertisements. That’s the reason users want to increase engagement to get more exposure in their content. You may find Social Pros is a new service with so many promises to boost social networking sites. However before choosing any boosting apps you must read the reviews first.

Spotify says the feature will update in real-time, with a blue speck overlaid on top of the bell icon showing when the board has been invigorated with new substance. Spotify plans to carry out the feature to all Android and iOS clients throughout the next few weeks.

In purpose, What’s New is like Spotify’s current Release Radar playlist. They’re both intended to surface new substance for you to add to your Spotify library, yet the manner in which they approach that undertaking is unique. Like Discover Weekly, Release Radar utilizes a mix of human curation and software to feature the songs you’re destined to appreciate from another album, EP or single.

What’s happening, paradoxically, does without curation for thoroughness. It likewise enjoys the benefit of a committed interface component. As a playlist, it’s simple for Release Radar to get lost among the wide range of various playlists you can add to your Spotify library.


Spotify achieves startup that can grow podcast disclosure

Spotify has bought a startup considered Podz that could make it simpler to discover new podcasts to listen to on the platform. It’s important for the streaming service’s monstrous podcast push that has been continuing for the past few years, which will undoubtedly proceed, particularly since it’s anything but a paid subscription plan for the format. Podz uses machine learning technology to produce high-quality clips including key moments in a podcast that clients can pay attention to. It could give potential new subscribers a preview — apparently a more vivid one than what a written description or a random sample can give — of what a podcast is about.

As 9to5Mac notes, the declaration comes after The Verge revealed that Facebook will launch podcasts one week from now. The social network’s podcast product will permit audience members to make shareable one-minute clips of the audio shows to build visibility and engagement. While the Podz acquisition could give podcast discoverability a lift on Spotify, the organization presented a few features over the previous years to bring audio shows before new audiences. In April, for example, it launched a “Top Episodes” ranking for its charts that allows clients the opportunity to find even moderately unknown podcasts. It likewise added music and podcast search filters on its iOS and Android apps back in May.

In its declaration, Spotify said it will integrate Podz’s technology into its service and that listeners will see elements of its technology before the year closes.


Spotify obtains podcast disclosure experts Podz

Spotify has obtained Podz, a startup whose innovation creates see clips of podcasts, the streaming service has reported. Dissimilar to different services podcasters can use to manually make clips, TechCrunch says Podz automates the process of discovering key minutes from episodes using machine learning trained on more than 100,000 hours of audio.

The acquisition is pointed toward improving podcast discovery, allowing clients to peruse short clasps instead of 30-minute in addition to podcast scenes. Spotify says this will make it “easier for listeners to find the content they want to listen to, and for creators to be discovered and build a fan base.” Podz discloses to TechCrunch that clients on its platform commonly follow up to 30 web podcasts, up from an average of seven.

The acquisition follows Spotify’s subscription podcasting declaration, in which it would permit select partners to charge for access to their content. Despite the fact that Spotify isn’t anticipating taking its 5% cut of subscription income until 2023, in the long run it’ll have a direct financial incentive to urge its audience members to discover and buy in to whatever number podcasts as possible. Particularly since it’s presently rivaling Apple Podcasts’ own in-app subscriptions, which launched for the current week.

Spotify says it intends to coordinate Podz’ technology into its platform, and that some of the results ought to be apparent before the year’s end.