Jonn Poker Influence Many People Online and On YouTube

Jonn Poker Influence Many People Online and On YouTube

Being an influential person is not easy. Such an individual is Jonn Poker. In addition to influencing people online and YouTube, he is a great inspiration for many.

Being a beauty influencer is not an easy thing. The reason is that it is hard to inspire others to maintain their looks by following a perfect beauty regimen. But, Jonn Poker, born as Giovanni Paterno, who is an Italian Canadian is influencing people on YouTube by great and useful makeup tutorials.

When it comes to beauty, charisma, and makeup, many young women follow Jonn Poker not just on YouTube, but also on his other social accounts as well. The easy-to-follow, yet effective makeup tricks and tutorials he shares on YouTube inspire many people to follow an efficient beauty regimen to look at their best at all times.

On Instagram, his fans call him “The New Jeffree Star”. Some of his fans also comment that he could be a better version of a star. However, Poker never liked the idea of being compared. He always believes in his own way of showcasing beauty in the beauty community.


Not just looks, this influential person has a great talent, attitude, and fashion that inspires others and motivates them to follow him on his social media channels.

Jonn Poker takes care of video editing for his YouTube videos himself. The reason is that he learned video editing at a very young age. So, he has kept practicing it over these years. When he was 14, he created his stage name.

“Poker Face” is a hit for Lady Gaga, who has been an idol for Jonn. From there on, he decided to bring together the term “Poker” from Lady Gaga’s hit and the word “John”, which is the English translation for his birth name “Giovanni”. Thereafter, he dropped the letter “h” from his name and replaced it with “n”, which made his name Jonn Poker.

He started to learn English at the age of 17 and thereafter he moved to North America, where he started the YouTube postings in his new name Jonn Poker. From thereon, there was no looking back.

About Jonn Poker:

Jonn Poker was born in Italy and in the present situation, he is a rising star in social media. Through his videos and posts, he motivates people to love their true selves.

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