Omar Kolashinac & Drop Shipping

Omar Kolashinac & Drop Shipping

Well known Omar Kolashinac started drop shipping in early 2016. It all started when he asked a few friends if they wanted to join, and nobody thought it was a good idea.

He then put a lot of effort and time into drop shipping, studying what was selling and what wasn’t. He started selling random accessories like drones, viral accessories people were generally interested in.

He would even make Facebook ads to promo them. Whichever did best he would utilize to attract more buyers. He started getting into suits and fashion wear, found a good supplier and had doubled his money every time he sold the product.

Omar was making about $200k a month off the suits. Drop shipping has just started booming at the time. When people started realizing where cheap resources were coming from, Omar had already moved onto other things like expensive Limited Edition Watches.

Proving he is always one step ahead of the markets.
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