Katrina Huroni – the talented young fitness model

Katrina Huroni – the talented young fitness model

Katrina Huroni born on 14 October 1986 is a talented young girl who has accomplished herself in her field of expertise. Born and brought up in Russia, her hobbies include water sports, fitness, wakesurf, hiking, reading books, never endless studies of self-evolving.

She is a young and mature girl who knows what she wants in life. She makes sure to get what she wants through her dedication and hardwork. She is different and is peaceful with a kind heart. She is crazy, kind and passionate about things in life. She defines herself as a 100 people in 1 person.

Katrina completed her high school, university. She has made herself strong out of all the hurdles put forth. She believes that difficulties are given to us to become stronger , also to appreciate. She is a beautiful fitness model who features in the cover of Muscle&Fitness magazine. She is also a yoga teacher. The talented Katrina also bagged the Miss Russia international title.

She ask people to love and believe in yourself and don’t look back to other people. She believes in people creating their own destinies. After darkness ther is light and everything in life always happens for a reason. She reached success and fame through her heardwork and dedication. She is open minded and compassionate person. She is fond of fashion, animals and sweets.

Katrina defines struggles as a subconscious transformation. She has walked past several struggles and her hardwork and dedication have aided her successful professional life.