Keeping the Art in the Music Industry Alive: Meet Artist Kevin Gani

Performing Arts are considered to be liberating. When the world around artists gets grimmer, the creativity inside of them looks for ways of expression. Songwriting has been one of the oldest and the purest forms of expression of one’s truest emotions. The power which is possessed in the lyrics of one good song is so impactful that the whole world resonates with it. After all, the greater responsibility of expression lies on the shoulders of the artists, to express not for just themselves, but for the masses!

With the evolution of the digital world, it has gotten so much easier than before, to make music from the comforts of your home. Though, the rare breed of real artists still thrives on the purity of melody. But, a new pool of artists has emerged who have made it possible to make songs, without any piousness. But in the world of declining music, artists such as Kevin Gani has emerged who have not only kept the purity of this art alive, but also inspired the young artists all over the world.

Born in Botswana, Kevin Gani has travelled throughout the world from London to Moscow and Berlin during his younger years, and it truly reflects on his music. Kevin believes each of these locations have helped him understand the world and its people, and so makes it convenient for him to make music which connects with a wider audience.

Lately, the artist has earned a reputation in the industry not only as a music artist but also as a producer. He has collaborated with many other popular artists such as Not3s, Chip, M Huncho, and many others. His latest single Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beat – “Jin Sei” is considered as one of the hottest tracks of the year for his soulful song writing and groovy flow. The sensational musical hook does not fail to make its listeners dance all the way!