Sumit Kumar Mishra – The Tech, Food and Lifestyle Blogger | Founder of True Gadgets, Trend Flavors and Trends Column

Sumit Kumar Mishra – The Tech, Food and Lifestyle Blogger | Founder of True Gadgets, Trend Flavors and Trends Column

Sumit Kumar Mishra has merged his creative artistry with his technical and technological brilliance and is emerging as a promising contender in the booming world of Blogging and Digital Marketing.

Money from the starting has run the world, People always fused their skills with some labour to carve out money. The ways of earning wealth and fame have always been a subject to change with the developing world as everyday something new is there is the market.

Nowadays, the Internet is the king’s way to Influence other or to be Successful. If one can research about something on internet related to earning, the one can easily opt few options from them and will start some earning, if he is patient and hardworking. Although each one of us operates the internet, it’s about the ones who run through it and guide themselves toward success. One such name amongst the youngest pacesetters is Sumit Kumar Mishra (known as skmfcb in the digital world).

He is a Tech, Food and Lifestyle Blogger. Sumit owns blogs like thetruegadets, trendflavors, trendscolumn and etc. As a Tech Influencer, he has worked with some renowned brands like Vivo, Oppo, MG Motors, One Plus, Citroen, Coolpad, Hp, Lays, AMD, Asus and many other technology brands. He also is a Co-Founder of PRSN Media. He is providing services like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Designing, Website & App Development, PR, YouTube Advertising, PPC Campaigns, etc.

Being an inquisitive and creative kid, Sumit Mishra always tried to find a different angle of imagination, and this very trait of him has lead him to become one of the youngest and most successful in blogging and a digital entrepreneurs.

Sumit Kumar Mishta conveys his message to public that nothing is impossible, you yourself can do it and do not give up on your dreams. He also says to stay positive and stay grounded.

Adding more to it Sumit says life is all about a struggle from a Blogger to a Digital Entrepreneur, he chased his dreams daringly and achieved it. He says, “Why should I look like you, When I am looking like myself” and he also said “That to achieve your dreams taking a risk to switch your career from technology to marketing industry itself is really hard and challenging but something nover comes to you that easy, if comes easy never stay for long. Just take a sip of positiveness and always keep going.”

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