Knzoo Rushes Onto The Scene With ‘Kryptonite’ EP

Knzoo Rushes Onto The Scene With ‘Kryptonite’ EP

  • Music
  • December 20, 2021

Rushing onto the scene, upcoming singer and songwriter Knzoo has been catching fire with his newest release ‘Kryptonite’. The 3 song EP marks the artist’s debut to all major streaming platforms.

On ‘Kryptonite’, Knzoo showcases his wide variety of sounds and styles that he is comfortable working with. For example, the project’s intro track features a slower, more melodic combination of sounds while the last track on the EP is driven by a drill beat.

Not everyone has heard of Knzoo yet, but the artist says he has big plans for next year. Having a number of different songs in the vault, we can only imagine what the next song will sound like.

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