Let Go of Negative Emotions and Release Trauma – It’s Time to Start Living

Many women have become so disassociated with their body’s and lost their sexual power because of trauma and all negative emotions relating to a sexual abuse or trauma are held in the yoni (vagina) transforming this scared area into one of embarrassment and shame. It can be extremely difficult to seek help and to find effective treatment for trauma.

When affected by sexual abuse or trauma it can feel like you are wading through thick treacle. You can feel weighed down and fearful of dealing with the trauma, because it can feel easier in the short term to just shut-away the trauma and associated feelings. Whatever, traumatic event you have been through the emotional and physical scars can last a lifetime.

It can be very difficult to take control and take reclaim your life back from trauma and past abuse and to feel positivity, pleasure, and happiness once again. If you are feeling daunted by the prospect of facing your trauma, remember that whilst you may suppress the memories of the trauma is held deep in the body’s cellular memory and will continue to weigh you down.

You may achieve success in some elements of your life for example, you may achieve success in your career or create a business that you love, you may have a great social network of family and friends, have money and travel and overall be healthy and happy, but have the nagging feeling that something is missing and that life’s not fulfilling . On the other hand, you may feel that you get positive results in your life for a time, but you are always waiting for things to go wrong, turn sour and for the next drama to step into your life. You may feel stuck. You may be reliving dilemmas over and over again. You may find that you can’t quite surpass patterns and paradigms. If life is feeling like a treadmill, an uphill struggle and a destination nowhere, then it is time to get off this cycle of negativity and address your deeply held trauma. Masking the trauma and glossing over it will not allow you to move on – letting go is the key! Tantra can help you let go of the trauma and start living your life and achieving your full potential.

Whatever your sexual trauma and no matter how long ago it was, it will have left an energetic scar and imprint on your physical tissues, which are rarely healed or accessible by traditional therapies and therefore linger long after the emotional and mental aspects have been addressed in talking therapies such as counseling. You may see your ability to talk openly about your trauma and to get on with elements of your life as a sign that healed, but if you have not let go of the trauma from your body then what you have is a festering unhealed inner manifestation; meaning that the trauma is very much alive, active and able to govern your life.  Life is for living and as you only get one chance, you need to start making this life count.

What is Tantric Tao Bodywork?

Energy is the building block of our universe, and there is an abundance of deeply healing energy within our body known as life force energy or sexual energy. Most people aren’t aware of how to harness their sexual energy in order to revitalise their whole system. Indeed the mention of sexual energy to most people means nothing beyond their genitals, but sexual energy is not just for sexual activity it is our life force energy and has the ability to clear blockages and heal. Tantra Tao Bodywork and Tantric massage is a means for not only cleansing negative emotions and blockages and opening vital gateways so there is an open channel for the energy to flow through, but it also teaches the energy to start flowing upwards towards the crown. In this process, a skilled Tantric practitioner executing the massage can unlock the extraordinary healing benefits of a person’s sexual energy. In essence, a skilled Tantric Practitioner can help you to heal, let go of negative emotions, clear blockages and begin an emotional detox.

Tantric bodywork is a revolutionary form of deep hands-on bodywork that is capable of releasing deep seated negative emotions and releasing stagnant and negative emotions caused by trauma from deep within the body’s cellular memory. Tantric Journey is a ground-breaking therapy that combines Tantric Tao bodywork developed to remedy widespread problems experienced by men and women that have experienced trauma of all descriptions.

The benefits of Tantric bodywork are numerous; however, it is most renowned as a profound instrument of healing and renowned for its ability to remove sexual and energetic blockages. By doing so, a person can experience deep and profound transformation and be awakened to greater health and wellbeing, an ability to love more deeply and accept love,  an increase in pleasure, bliss and orgasmic potential as well as a spiritual realisation and ability to communicate with yourself and others on an authentic level.

This sacred practice is a highly skilled one and unique because it incorporates the tantric essence of shakti or energy. When skillfully incorporating this universal force into a massage, bodywork and pulse point activation the healing potential exponentially increases and the results or effects multiply. It is a treatment that is deeply powerful and can touch the deepest layers and aspects of a human being. A full treatment lasts around four to six hours and it can address emotional disturbances, mental health, sexual dysfunctions, stress and anxiety and a variety of health issues—many of these issues can be attributed to blockages and imprints embedded at an unperceivable level. Essentially this treatment offers healing from the inside out. One to one sessions can begin with clothes on body therapy or can include a full Tantric bodywork session with clothes off and a yoni massage. The treatment is your journey and you can start and finish where you are comfortable, to find out more read here.