Live The Life Of Your Dreams – With Right MineSet

Live The Life Of Your Dreams – With Right MineSet

Most people daydream about an alternate reality, one in which they have the strength to follow their passions rather than society’s pressure and expectations.

Pauly Long’s passion is to help turning these dreams into realities. With his highly qualified team at MineSet he doesn’t only coach and inspire his clients to manifest the right mentality. He goes further than most of his competitors, offering actual help starting a business.

The talented mastermind offers services way beyond the common motivational coach.

His efforts go much further and are followed by dozens of success stories, with hundreds of clients and thousands of followers backing up his continuously growing community.

People he inspired on his way to find his purpose had urged the Philadelphia soul to launch his own brand and do what he does best. Which put him exactly where he is now.

His brand MineSet that is backed by a community of followers and clients that consume and react to his daily updates and advice on social media, as well as hundreds of clients that purchased his online courses and are impatiently waiting for live events to hit the schedules again.

MineSet was launched into the motivational and coaching market at the beginning year and ever since has been rising to success with more and more people re-assessing their lives during these years harsh disruptions.

Again, Long offers solutions that go beyond the motivational industry and deep into detailed marketing, self-marketing and funding consultation for clients that are looking for help starting their own businesses. With more and more clients asking for marketing services to follow coaching and consulting, the self-made successor has decided to offer these services for everyone soon.

Pauly Long is launching MineSet Marketing in December, which will be part of his company and offer a variety of marketing services, especially for social media.

Exciting times for the young founder, and it’s only the beginning!

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