Mabelle Prior talks about rich Ghana and rich Africa

Mabelle Prior talks about rich Ghana and rich Africa

Africa, is very rich! Ghana is very rich ! But as a Ghanaian, as an African , you do everything for yourself.

Mabelle Prior the award winning Switzerland-Ghanain broadcast journalist says those who never lived outside the continent of Africa don’t realize how they are being oppressed. And most of those living outside the continent are chasing clout and not helping to improve the mentality of our people.

She says Africa has everything. ‘Our natural resources are being sold expensively to foreigners But majority of the people keep suffering and begging for charity on Facebook !

We do everything for ourselves !

Health care. Social welfare. Old age care Transportation. Electricity. Food. Housing. Loans. Roads Security

What exactly does the Government do?

What if there’s no security?

God forbid.

What if they don’t have oxygen at the hospital?

God forbid.

Our children may not get quality education.

God forbid.

What if we have an accident because of the bad roads?

God forbid.

What if we are kidnapped?

God forbid.

What if this building collapses?

God forbid.

What if there’s a fire outbreak?

God forbid.

And we continue to ‘God forbid’ till our last breath, as the African continent colaps , literally and figuratively. Africa will kill you, one way or another. God forbid?’

Mabelle Prior is also the author of the book Beyond Race, and the founder of Switzerland Most Beautiful Beauty Pageant. She is married to Denis Prior, and is the mother of Delase Ephraïm and Lina Prior an award winning Hollywood kid actress.




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