Kanishk Gupta – Entrepreneur whose working & traveling the world

Kanishk Gupta – Entrepreneur whose working & traveling the world

A prodigy in the stock market, successfully establishing his own company, Incomet, at a very young age is setting up a benchmark for others who share the same interest as him. Under his guidance in Incomet, 8000+ entrepreneurs, or as they say, Incopreneurs, were able to successfully step up their game in the industry and claim their name to success. Consistency is what he is driven by to profit his company exponentially. Propagating with utmost efficiency he is now the head of an ISO certified successful company which is one of the leading companies in the market. Within a short span his company has a significant turnover.

Kanishk Gupta has invested in the growth of his business as well as with others, from funding their startups to fund a Bollywood movie. He can be seen enlarging his empire. He is a hardworking personality but is also a firm believer in smart work rather than hard work. Apart from being a mogul in the stock market he also has a very outgoing personality and can be seen traveling a lot, spoiling himself by going on vacation after all his hard-earned money and efforts. Started with very few resources and just an idea he now is living his dream life.

Dreams do come true and who says one can’t have it all! Kanishk Gupta is living proof that if you work hard anything is possible.

All such initiatives on his part helped him to develop a versatile personality and giving him confidence and motivation to others. A personality that inspires all. Wishing him more and more success ahead!
Kudos to Kanishk Gupta!

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