Majid Razavi Shares His Expertise on Various Genres of Music

Majid Razavi Shares His Expertise on Various Genres of Music

Music is a vast world with different genres, everyone has different tastes, so it is not possible to compare musical styles accurately, I am a musician and today I support new artists in new styles I do and I ask them to continue on their way because they will find their fans very soon.

The Middle East, like the rest of the world, also has music from different cultures, the music that most young people have today is pop, hip hop, and rock, which have a lot of fans.

Hip Hop

This music can also be considered as a sub-style of traditional B&R music. The music began in the early 1970s in US cities. Rap first appeared in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These songs are known today as Old School Hip Hop. Rap music flourished both in the East and in the West and quickly became one of the most popular styles of music. The music centre is located east of New York City and west of Los Angeles


Rock music covers a very wide range and can be considered the most popular style that emerged in the fifties. The first Rock & Roll genres emerged in the late 1940s. Chuck, Elvis Presley, Berry, Bill Haley, and Buddy Holly were among the first to introduce this style of music to everyone. The main roots of this music go back to styles such as Country and Rockabilly and on the other hand to Gospel and B&R styles.


There are many definitions for pop music, but the best definition can be “music from the heart of society and the hearts of the people.” The hallmark of pop music is its vibrant theme and relaxing aspect. Because we know that not all people are on the same level, but when a piece called pop is to be made, and in order for it to be called pop, it must be something that, while joyful or even sad, must be taken from the womb. It should be the community and the heart of the people so that when the text of the piece reaches the people in the form of music, they will feel happy or if they are sad, it will be a source of relief, hope, and comfort that many singers of our country follow this style. Popularity in music school is one of the most popular styles.

Majid Razavi has become a household name. He has a strong presence on platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music. His popularity continues to grow as a sensation within the music world.