“Making mistakes is a good thing” says author-entrepreneur Mark Lachance

“Making mistakes is a good thing” says author-entrepreneur Mark Lachance

“I would say it’s a great thing to make mistakes as an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, if you’re not making any mistakes, then you’re not taking enough risks.” These are the words from Mark Lachance, CEO of MaxyMedia, a powerhouse agency in the marketing industry. He discusses how entrepreneurs should embrace their failures because they can teach valuable lessons that will only help them in the future.  He also talks about how failure can push one to be more creative than before which leads to innovation in your company’s products or services.

Mark has had his fair share of mistakes. In 2006, he found himself at his lowest point fighting for survival. He faced bankruptcy and mental illness when he discovered that the man who had once been like family to him turned out to be a fraudster- using their relationship as leverage against Mark while playing on both sides of an investment deal gone wrong.

When all seemed lost, he picked himself up. He found new ways to make money with his business ventures, proving that nothing is impossible when you keep trying.  His story is one of fighting through the toughest times in life to find success again.

What could be seen as an unfortunate setback for most people, Mark turned this into a comeback and took it to even greater heights than he had originally imagined possible. His tenacity towards success should inspire us when we feel discouraged about our own prospects–just remember there are no limits on how high you may rise if only your mind will let go of its preconceived notions.

Sometimes, the best way to find success is by looking back on your failures.  If you are feeling like quitting or if it feels impossible for you to try again after failure, don’t give up! When you think it’s over, life may just give you an opportunity that can change your life.

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