Brittney Moses: An Author, A Blogger, A Speaker, and Social Media Influencer

Brittney Moses is a faith and mental wellness encourager as well as a lifestyle influencer who promotes the significance of mental health. She is a strong supporter of faith-based mental wellness. She rose to fame thanks to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and she continues to help individuals in need both online and offline. 

She is a 30-year-old mental health advocate who was born on August 16, 1991. She is of African American ancestry and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Brittney was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. Her parents’ names are George Talley and Rochelle Barthelemy. Brittney and her fiancé, Jason Stoll, plan to marry and settle down in June 2022. Brittney’s son, Austin Moses, is joining them as part of their blended family.

Britney stands around 5ft 2in (1.5m) tall and weighs roughly 59kg (130lbs). She has gorgeous brown eyes and stunning black hair.

Brittney went to John Thomas Dye private school in Bel Air for elementary school, and then graduated from Hamilton High School Academy of the Arts in Culver City shortly after. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA; a prominent university.

Due to her tremendous popularity, Brittney has been able to secure various sponsorships with brands, media partnerships, behind-the-scenes digital creation consultancy, and her soon-to-be-released book, enabling her to make a good living for herself. Her popularity is largely due to her originality, personality, and mode of life, which has caught the attention of a number of brands around the world.

Moreover, Brittney’s debut book, “Worthy: 50 Mindful Moments to Bring Peace and Clarity to Your Day,” is due out in July 2022.

She also runs a podcast titled  ‘Faith & Mental Wellness’ in which she integrates faith and mental health where she has real conversations at the intersection of both clinical and lived experience. 


“Making mistakes is a good thing” says author-entrepreneur Mark Lachance

“I would say it’s a great thing to make mistakes as an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, if you’re not making any mistakes, then you’re not taking enough risks.” These are the words from Mark Lachance, CEO of MaxyMedia, a powerhouse agency in the marketing industry. He discusses how entrepreneurs should embrace their failures because they can teach valuable lessons that will only help them in the future.  He also talks about how failure can push one to be more creative than before which leads to innovation in your company’s products or services.

Mark has had his fair share of mistakes. In 2006, he found himself at his lowest point fighting for survival. He faced bankruptcy and mental illness when he discovered that the man who had once been like family to him turned out to be a fraudster- using their relationship as leverage against Mark while playing on both sides of an investment deal gone wrong.

When all seemed lost, he picked himself up. He found new ways to make money with his business ventures, proving that nothing is impossible when you keep trying.  His story is one of fighting through the toughest times in life to find success again.

What could be seen as an unfortunate setback for most people, Mark turned this into a comeback and took it to even greater heights than he had originally imagined possible. His tenacity towards success should inspire us when we feel discouraged about our own prospects–just remember there are no limits on how high you may rise if only your mind will let go of its preconceived notions.

Sometimes, the best way to find success is by looking back on your failures.  If you are feeling like quitting or if it feels impossible for you to try again after failure, don’t give up! When you think it’s over, life may just give you an opportunity that can change your life.

And if you’re interested to see the same success and attract more luck in your life, grab a copy of his upcoming book, The Lucky Formula, and learn how you can stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success. You can start with calculating  your Lucky Score. Simply go to to calculate your ability to attract Luck and Success.

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The Entrepreneur and Celebrated Haitian Author of ‘Sentimental Virus’, Ferrat Destine

Writing is an art and people with a lot of experiences are some of the best artists. Imagination is not always enough to write about things like business organizations, entrepreneurship, Individuals, and so on. People need to know about a lot of things including aspects of life like household, games or technology. A person who is capable of writing about diverse things is a rare gem.

Ferrat Destine is the author of a collection of poems named ‘Sentimental Virus’ and also the CEO of Impress service LLC. A very gifted artist, he was certainly born to write. His writing style has been praised as captivating because once you begin reading, you will only stop when you are done. A lot of people can write but not everyone can capture the reader’s mind and get them completely invested in it. This is one of the reasons why he is a well-known writer with an international reputation. He has also collaborated with the Haitian cultural newspaper, Ticket Magazine, and Spotlight in 2007. It was a great experience for him and he also learned a lot aside from working with the newspaper team. According to Ferrat, there are a lot of things people must learn at every step of their life. He might be a professional but he also cannot deny learning something new daily. After his work in 2007, he published “Les Dessou Inavoues”. It was greatly celebrated and became the first Haitian photo novel with the support of Sogebank.

You would be wrong if you thought this might be all that Ferrat Destine had ever done. He has certainly more talent than most people, he has also launched a TV series for students. Most of the students from universities in Haiti enjoy his series “Haiti un nouveau regard”. After his works, he was soon appointed as the promoter of Haitian culture by the Prime Minister, Marie Laurence Jocelin Lassegue. He has worked towards promoting the culture of his native land where he is celebrated by everyone. After all, he is a very inspired person and never fails to baffle readers with his marvelous compositions. Ferrat currently lives in New Jersey but manages to work actively and undertake all activities with ease. Though he lives there at the moment, he completed his basic as well as professional education at the Grand College L’Humanisme in Haiti. After leaving Haiti, he continued his education and graduated in 2017 from the UCC. He has kept a busy life not only focusing on his work but also providing immense support to other entrepreneurs. He has a lot of great things to do in the future, but before that, don’t forget to look up Ferrat Destine’s TV series ‘Haiti un Nouveau Regard’, University students across the globe keep enjoying this social-cultural masterpiece.


Julie Condliffe, Eviction lawyer, author and property investor launches free legal consultation helpline for UK landlords in light of the eviction ban extension

Julie Condliffe, a Lawyer, author and property investment expert is reaching out to landlords, letting agents and property investors with a free legal consultation helpline to support them with expert legal advice amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

With the recent announcement of a further extension to the eviction ban Julie Condliffe realises the need for landlords to come together for support. With most of the on provisions made by the UK government only assisting tenants in rented accommodation, many landlords have been left significantly out of pocket by unpaid rents and are unsure of what legal steps they are able to pursue in order to regain control of their property portfolios.

Due to her extensive legal expertise and personal experiences, Ms Condliffe recognises that it is not only tenants who are finding it difficult to get by, and hopes to change the conversation around property development by assisting landlords who need help.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been tough for tenants across the UK, many landlords have voiced concerns that public sympathies and government support has been unfairly weighted towards those living in rented accommodation with little support provided to landlords that often rely on rents as a main source of income.

Not only does Julie Condliffe seek to challenge the notion that landlords are able to weather the Covid-19 without the payment of rents, she has also taken practical steps to help offer timely, relevant and professional legal advice to any UK landlord with a free telephone consultation.

Backed by a team of specialist solicitors at Creative Legals, Julie Condliffe wants to level the playing field by using her standing within the legal community to champion the creation of a new specialist landlord support system.

The Julie Condliffe free legal consultation helpline is available during the lockdown period and is designed specifically for landlords, letting agents and property investors to meet the gap in the existing market for targeted legal advice catering to landlords.

Julie Condliffe said, “Although I have experienced homelessness myself in the past, it is apparent that the plight of the average UK landlord is vastly under-represented and many landlords have been left in severe financial distress.

“Government assistance mainly focuses on tenants as the vulnerable party in any dispute and have therefore been provided with some assistance to help them through the pandemic. Yet landlords are in a far less favourable position with minimal assistance offered. I want to encourage landlords who are finding themselves in difficulty to use my free legal consultation helpline that they can engage with the expert team at Creative Legals and discuss their own unique circumstances.

“Every case is different, yet there are always ways through even the darkest and most difficult of problems in the property investment sphere.”

To find out more about the Creative Legals team or to book a free, legal consultation visit


Julie Condliffe is a property investor, author and highly experienced specialist property litigation solicitor, Julie Condliffe seeks to support fellow landlords and letting agents in all landlord and tenant matters.

An expert in her field, Julie Condliffe has set up a free landlord legal consultation service to help landlords and letting agents access specialist legal advice regarding their tenants and properties and to help champion the cause of landlords throughout the UK that have so far been woefully under-supported by the UK government.


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MEDIA CONTACT: Julie Condliffe


UK TEL: 07868179934


Entrepreneur & Author Yashica Jalhotra talks about her bestselling book ‘21 laws to manifest the life you desire’

Yashica started her career as a journalist but is now one of the top mind programming trainers of the country. She has trained people from several professions including entrepreneurs, doctors, bankers, army personnel and students from various age groups from several countries. She also uses her neuroscience techniques to gain control over the subconscious mind, indirectly gaining control over decisions.

Her scientific and proven techniques impact personally on people’s lives. Her main motive is to eradicate people’s thoughts about being scared of their capacities and from running away. She has transformed not only her life with inside secrets but also continues to share her knowledge with people around her.

Her book, 21 laws to manifest the life you desire: Crack the scientific code is the best selling book. It’s sold thousands of copies and has received great appreciation from the readers. The book talks about several scientific reports, real-life stories, testimonies and biochemical effects of your thoughts on your body. In simple yet very insightful language she confronted about several experiences that could possibly inspire readers to take these 21 scientific yet proven laws seriously and add magical results to their lives.

Yashica Jalhotra says, “I have always focused on training people to help them attain the best. Success is often delayed mainly because of the fears in any person. I keep trying to tell people why it is important to gain control over your subconscious mind which further impacts your success and goals“. She also believes that the fears come true especially when you’re emotional about them. This is why negative self-talk could produce harmful effects on life.

She talks about the most powerful tool in countering the negative thoughts which is the delete button. She is also the founder of Quantum of Happiness, the company that works towards reducing fear and increasing self-confidence in people. She has gone ahead to prove that had techniques are highly influential on people basis the success rate.


A child needs a good parent figure says Mabelle Prior the Award winning Swiss – Ghanaian Broadcast journalist

Mabelle Prior the Author of Beyond Race says “What a child needs, is good parent figure, not a father figure.”

In Ghana , in Africa, we’re always told “the father figure is all a child needs”. This is Nonsense because many are raised single handedly by their mothers.

The mothers end up giving the irresponsible father’s name to the children because of this societal influence, which is very wrong.

Single mothers Give proudly your name to your child! Don’t let hopeless fathers reap where they didn’t sow.

If your child’s father is an arsehole, tell your child. Don’t say you are shielding him. If you don’t tell him and you misrepresent him to him as a good person, you are putting your child at risk.

You are just telling him that a cobra is just rope.

Tell him the truth. Let him know and deal with it.

Knowledge is power.