Maziar Rajabi: The undisputed bitumen king from Iraq

Maziar Rajabi: The undisputed bitumen king from Iraq

A journey of a native from Kurdistan region becoming the undisputed king of the bitumen products making a name all over the world.

Not all have the confidence & the belief in themselves that make them take the plunge towards doing something big in their career. This becomes even more difficult when you know that many from your town would never have attempted at doing something like that before. It takes a lot of courage & positivity to make such huge decisions in life. The same courage & confidence was shown by a man who decided to go beyond the conventional ways of living & mark his name amongst the top entrepreneurs of the world. We are talking about Maziar Rajabi, the man who always believed in his goals & achieved them all to set an example to all the budding entrepreneurs in the world.

Rajabi started by gaining as much knowledge as possible.

One thing that Rajabi insists on firmly is that one must never stop learning. After getting a post-graduate degree, Rajabi did not wait for anything; he took up all those opportunities that life offered him & also applied all his knowledge to excel at everything he did. He started his career with being a senior partner at Canadian Green Solutions Inc, a well-known Canadian company. Then, he also became a shareholder for an Italian company called Mattioli S.A.S. Not just this, Rajabi has been a recipient of various certificates as well that he received from notable Universities of the world. He received Disciplined Entrepreneurship from MIT, Global Diplomacy Program certificate from the London University & also an International Project Management certificate from Adelaide University.

Building bitumen product company bit by bit.

It goes without saying that the Middle East & the oil reserve countries are famous for their oil & petroleum product business & amongst all these products, the one which remains a hot topic always is bitumen. Bitumen is a product that is a mixture of naturally obtained hydrocarbons or that which is obtained as a residue of petroleum distillation. It is used mainly for the construction of roads & also for their renovation work. Rajabi started working in the bitumen product industry in 2016, by partnering with the best oil service company from Iraq called “Verse Oil Service” joining as a senior partner. He even established the company’s website to reach more & more countries so that entrepreneurs & investors realise the growth potential of bitumen products in the world.

Gaining the No.1 spot for Verse Oil Service in Google search results.

With the determined efforts of Rajabi who also is skilled in IT & web designing, managed to gain the 1st rank spot on Google search result as the leading website for bitumen products in Iraq. The company soon became so popular that Rajabi even received his first enquiry from the Taiwanese company, Richland Bitumen Co Ltd. which resulted in the signing of a long term agreement. The company has already set a successful track record being the bitumen exporter to over 12 countries in 3 continents.

Drawing a success path for the company & himself, Rajabi only at 33 years of age has managed to break the old rules & create his own to show the world that one must keep exploring new things & also keep learning every day to apply the same in the work they choose to do. This way, no obstacle or hurdle in life would seem bigger than the experiences & knowledge one already possesses to fight against them.

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