Meet John Box aka JohnnyBeSomeone

Meet John Box aka JohnnyBeSomeone

With it being 2020, the use of technology, social media, and the world wide web is becoming a key factor in the world of business. It alone can separate you from the pack. You’d best hop on board or risk getting left in the dust by your competitors. John Box aka JohnnyBeSomeone is on a mission to help businesses use digital marketing to their advantage.

John is originally from the great state of Texas, born and raised in Houston. He eventually moved to California, where he went to college. John went to college in San Diego, California, studying social sciences with the goal to better understand audiences for any business. This background along with his hard work and dedication set him up for a world of success.

The 27-year-old, now holds a position for the profound jewelry company, Johnny Dang & Co. as their Social Media/Sales Director. Every day he goes to work exploring ways to boost sales through the medium of the internet and social media. Monetizing a web presence in any way possible is John’s passion. And he wants nothing but to help anyone or business in making that a reality.

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