Meet Nika Falahi: 20-Year Old Musician and Social Media Influencer Creating Buzz In The Industry

Meet Nika Falahi: 20-Year Old Musician and Social Media Influencer Creating Buzz In The Industry

Music is the language of the soul. Not everyone can connect with the listeners on a personal level through their music. But Nika Falahi, a 20-year old rising musician and Instagram influencer is an exception!

Nika Falahi was born in 2002 and has been fascinated by art, music, and culture since her childhood. She dreamt of connecting with people through her singing skills and being an artist when she was 14.

Nika Falahi started taking acting classes during high school. Her newly found interest in the field of mass media was doing well but then she was introduced to the world of music. Nika immediately fell in love with creating new lyrics, singing it out loud, and repeating the process.

The 20-year old started her journey as a musician on Instagram, often posting snippets of her favorite cover songs. 

As time went by, more and more people started appreciating the voice and musical talent of Nika. Many of her close friends and family members encouraged her to start dedicating more time to music. And the result? Today, her Instagram account has close to 4 million followers. 

Nika Falahi soon became a local sensation in her city. She was known as the girl with a melodious voice in her friend circle and high school. During this time, Nika Falahi also decided to extend her social presence to YouTube. Her official YouTube channel raked in over 100,000 subscribers in less than one year.

Nika went on to release incredibly loved songs such as Parvaneh, Mehmooni, Nafas, Tehran, Tear, and Valentine. Her songs have crossed millions of listeners to date. She is also expanding her presence on Spotify and plans to release her upcoming album there.

Her song ‘Entezar’ is a crowd favorite. It has attracted attention globally from music lovers and Nika’s composition and singing skills are amplified significantly in the song. 

With her attractive style, charismatic personality, melodious voice, and young age, Nika Falahi is bound to disrupt the music industry with her songs. Watch out for her upcoming song announcements on her social media!