Meet the popular artist Diego Mc RD

Meet the popular artist Diego Mc RD

  • Music
  • September 29, 2022

Dominican rapper Diego Mc RD, known for songs like “KABRA”, and “Vibras”. Diego Mc RD always had a passion for music as a child. He knew that music was his way of finding success and achievement in his life.

His new single “Vibras” This single has thousands of views on YouTube

Before fame, on SoundCloud in 2016. Diego Mc RD earned more than 30 thousand SoundCloud payments in a week with his song, which motivated him to continue with his music career. He started posting his music on all streaming platforms and has skyrocketed and has over 130,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Diego Mc RD has a great catalog on all streaming services.

His single “Vibras” is what took him to the next level and gained him a lot of fans and traction from all over the US and UK. Diego Mc RD generated excitement and got many artist co-signers.

Diego Antonio Peralta González, better known as Diego Mc RD, is a singer-songwriter who was born in the Dominican Republic on December 18, 1998. He started singing when he was 9 years old; he can play the piano, the guitar, compose songs and so on. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts, music classes, and it is precisely where he began his career as an artist.